Bed Stat

Telephony interface to automatically update the MEDITECH Bed Board

Streamline Housekeeping and Increase Bed Turnover

Bed Stat ® integrates with MEDITECH’s Bed Board so housekeeping can provide real-time bed status updates using virtually any phone. It is multilingual with customizable voice prompts and requires no special training.

Graphic showing how easily providing real-time bed status updates can be with Bed Stat

Bed Stat Integrates with MEDITECH’s Bed Board

Man providing updates to nurse at computer
Using simple telephone prompts, housekeeping easily updates Bed Board as they move from room to room.
Nurse communicating with happy patient

Admissions and other departments always have immediate access to accurate bed status.

Nurse on phone providing updates to Bed Board
This efficiency leads to faster admissions and increased nursing productivity, which ultimately leads to more satisfied patients.

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