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Long-Term Customer Upgrades to Communication Director 4.1

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Since 2003, Marion General Hospital has used Forward Advantage’s Communication Director for enterprise-wide faxing and report distribution from its MEDITECH EHR. Communication Director’s DesktopFax is popular with many of the hospital’s departments for quick, on-demand faxing, while SmartRoute technology automates clinical report distribution according to the recipient’s delivery preference. Regardless of the method, both DesktopFax and SmartRoute are fully auditable via the System Activity Monitor (SAM), so staff can easily verify a report’s delivery status. Marion General uses several Forward Advantage solutions and recently upgraded to Communication Director’s 4.1 browser-based platform. We look forward to working with this valued customer long into the future.

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David Carmichael


We rely on Communication Director for the distribution of faxed reports to providers, and SmartRoutes have proven essential for internal clinical notification.

DesktopFax is heavily used by our HIM department to resolve requests for information from a wide variety of customers, including providers, attorneys and regulatory agencies. We have approximately seven SmartRoutes. The main ones are for automatic report distribution from MEDITECH Lab and Pathology. SmartRoutes help us send reports to our providers in a timely fashion, and they work very well with the report distribution routines in MEDITECH. Other SmartRoutes include internal email and fax notifications to departments so they know an order has been placed. We use the email SmartRoute to email a pager, so departments can almost immediately know they have a procedure to be done. This works very well and is used for stat orders when it is critical for the department to respond in a timely fashion.

The new version is much better for us because of the browser-based connectivity. We can manage SAM users and DesktopFax users much better. Our users seem to prefer the new version, but they liked the old version too.

Our email SmartRoutes mainly speak to this need. They help our clinical departments respond to ordered procedures very quickly, and they eliminate a lot of calls to the ancillary departments which always presented problems.

We use SAM at least once a week to troubleshoot and verify that our automated faxing did, in fact, fax the reports it should have. SAM is indispensable when investigating provider complaints about faxed reports.

Forward Advantage’s support team is fantastic, and this has always been the case for us. Every time we call, we are immediately connected with a support specialist, and they are always extremely knowledgeable. If I were rating the support teams of all the vendors we use, there isn’t any doubt that Forward Advantage would be number one on that list.

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