Communication Director

Integrated Faxing and Intelligent Report Distribution

One solution to fit your unique requirements

Both clinical and non-clinical staff will benefit from high-volume report/fax distribution, electronic desktop faxing, inbound fax management and a wide variety of delivery options.

Communication Director enables faxing and information distribution workflows from most EHRs, MFPs, email clients, clinical applications, and back-office systems so you only need to maintain one solution. With option of traditional fax, FoIP, cloud-based faxing or a combination, Communication Director is a powerful, highly flexible solution that can be customized to accommodate the right delivery methods for you and your recipients.
Communication Director offers a number of unique features
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Paperless Desktop Faxing

From email, window applications and EHR/EMR

Communication Director eliminates the need to manually print and fax. Simply fax directly from your EHR/EMR, email client or Windows® application – take your pick.
Communication Director provides an audit trail for all faxes and deliveries in the System Activity Monitor (SAM).

EHR Integration

Fax directly from MEDITECH or Epic with fax status sent back to the EHR.


Communication Director can send faxes from Microsoft Outlook®, Google Gmail and most IMAP/POP3 email systems. Faxes can also be received as attachments in email.

Windows Applications

Fax from any Windows Application using the Communication Director DesktopFax application. It’s as easy as selecting the print command and Communication Director from the list of available printers. Users can choose a recipient from a preconfigured personal phonebook or phonebooks shared with co-workers.

Woman distributing reports electronically

Intelligent, automated report and fax distribution

Communication Director utilizes SmartRoute Technology to extract key information from a report and automatically determine if, how, and when the report should be delivered based on the unique requirements of your recipients. Take advantage of automation:
  • Communication Director automatically receives information in many formats such as PostScript, readable PDF, FCL, PCL and more
  • Accommodate your recipients’ preferences with a wide-range of optional delivery modules
  • Physicians will benefit from the ability to decide which PHI or reports they want to receive – unlike the “all or nothing” capabilities of some EHRs

Built-in auditing and tracking

with our System Activity Monitor (SAM)

Fast access to system data is essential for any healthcare organization. Communication Director includes built-in analytics, dashboards and audit capabilities in a browser-based format for easy access to the data you need.

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Extensive connectivity & compatibility

As a leading healthcare faxing and information exchange software, Communication Director works with systems like:
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Customizable Features

Communication Director is customizable to meet your unique needs. Add on any of the optional modules to make Communication Director the only system you’ll need for faxing, report distribution and downtime reporting.


Coming Soon! Flexible, automated internal and downtime report distribution.

Email-to-Fax from MFPs

Coming Soon! Quickly fax from almost any multifunction printer/device (MFP/MFD) .

Email-to-Fax from Email Clients

Coming Soon! Send faxes from email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail, and most POP3 or IMAP mailboxes.

Network Print Module

Delivers reports to network printers.

Email Module

Deliver reports to recipients via email.

CloudFax Connector

Provides optional cloud-based fax transmissions for Communication Director.

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File PickUp

Automatically send PDF files containing images and/or graphic files and reports.

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File Transfer Module

Transmit report files across your network via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), secure FTP, SFTP, or the network file copy mechanism.

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Inbound Fax Management

Electronically distribute incoming faxes to the correct recipients. No need to manage a separate system for inbound faxing.

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SmartAlert can notify you of critical issues based on your unique criteria.

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Direct Module

Sends information by Direct messaging standards.