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Deborah pilots new cloud-based faxing for Communication Director

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Is fax reliability an issue at your organization? If so, you’re probably all too familiar with corresponding issues like delayed results, frustrated providers, and late payments. This was the case at Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills, New Jersey. Deborah has been a longtime customer of Forward Advantage, utilizing Communication Director for the delivery of clinical reports and other information. To meet the needs of various end users, Deborah uses Communication Director’s SmartRoute technology for intelligent and automated report delivery and DesktopFax for on-demand faxing.

Despite the reliability of Communication Director, the unreliability of some traditional fax deliveries caused some serious delays at Deborah. Vital time was wasted on troubleshooting and monitoring the fax servers, lab results were delayed, and referring providers were becoming frustrated and less inclined to do business. To solve this problem, Deborah signed on to pilot Forward Advantage’s new CloudFax Connector for optional, cloud-based fax transmissions out of Communication Director. The solution has been such a success for outbound faxes that Deborah now plans to add inbound faxing to the mix.

“We did a pilot program with CloudFax Connector using our top 10 trouble numbers and have had 0 problems.”

“Communication Director was never the problem,” says Gary LaFetra, network systems engineer at Deborah. “The problem was reliably transmitting fax through our phone lines. Out of approximately 800 faxes per day, probably 200 wouldn’t go out. We’d retry faxes three or four times and would end up with hundreds stuck in the queue. We did a pilot program with the CloudFax Connector using our top 10 trouble numbers and have had zero problems.  Afterwards, we signed on as soon as we could to completely convert Communication Director to use the CloudFax Connector.”

Problem numbers? No problem!

According to Gary, the key issue Deborah faced from traditional faxing was FoIP incompatibility and the associated cost. Deborah’s phone company charged high monthly maintenance fees for their analog lines. Adding to this cost was the far-reaching impact that unreliable faxing had at Deborah. For instance, referring providers were repeatedly frustrated by delayed lab results – a bad practice for renewing business. Additionally, unreliable faxing delayed purchase orders and payments from insurance companies. Lastly, troubleshooting and monitoring the fax queue wasted internal resources and valuable time that could have been better spent elsewhere.

“I would check the fax queue, see which faxes were going out, track the number and either retry or resend manually,” says Gary. “I estimate that a third of my day was wasted on this. I log in maybe once a week now that we have the CloudFax Connector, and there have been no issues.”

Undeniable Workflow Savings

Referring providers weren’t the only ones frustrated from the unreliability of traditional faxing. Faxing frustration was a widespread issue at Deborah prior to the CloudFax Connector. “Employees were frustrated too, because it could take up to an hour for a fax to go out, and they’d often resort to printing and manually sending through a fax machine,” says Gary. “We are getting faxes out on the first shot now, eliminating any backlog in the queue.”

When asked about cloud faxing’s ROI potential, Gary believes it’s all relative; however, he is quick to say that the workflow savings are undeniable. “In some instances, cloud fax versus traditional faxing is “apples to apples;” however, the CloudFax Connector makes it easier for us to get paid and the reliability is encouraging physicians to refer patients to us because we’re getting information back.

"We signed on as soon as we could to completely convert Communication Director to use the CloudFax Connector.”


While most Communication Director customers are happy with their current configuration and traditional faxing, some shared the need for greater reliability and/or scalability for high fax volumes. “Forward Advantage makes a point to listen to customers and refine our offerings, or develop new ones, to meet changing goals and challenges,” says Randy Hunsaker, CTO at Forward Advantage. The CloudFax Connector provides this reliability and reduces frustration brought on by FoIP incompatibility. Plus, the CloudFax Connector scales limitlessly and does not have the same fax channel capacity limitations of traditional faxing. This allows for quick adaption to changing business needs.

Forward Advantage emphasizes an easy transition to cloud faxing for existing Communication Director customers. These customers can add the flexibility and reliability of cloud fax transmissions to their current faxing/report solution – without changing existing end-user workflows. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel,” concludes Gary. “It helped that we could take what we already had, pull out the fax gateway, and reconfigure the fax server to send out to the cloud platform. It worked seamlessly.”

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