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 The File Pick-Up Module for the Communication Director 4 Platform automatically distributes and faxes image/PDF files. 


How Can File Pick-Up Benefit You?

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Take Control of Your PDFs


The ability to customize pick-up timing and retry logic.

Filtering Rules

Advanced filtering rules to ensure that the intended PDF is always picked up.

Easily Route Image Files

Compatible with systems such as Philips Xcelera, Fuji Synapse and Elekta Mosaiq Oncology.

How it works

Learn how File Pick-Up can help route PDFs

Webinar featuring Kate Burger, PACS Administrator from Norman Regional Health System


Customer Success Stories

Benefis Health Logo

Julie Ramsey

Clinical Analyst II

Prior to implementing File Pick-Up, ECG technicians in Benefis’s Cardiology department had to manually print and fax reports from its ECG vendor. Manual faxing not only wasted staff time and delayed report delivery.

“I estimate that our ECG technicians save 5-10 minutes per report [with File Pick-Up]. In fact, someone from our Cardiovascular department personally thanked me, because it’s such a huge time saver. The quality of the reports is much better too. The receiving entities have noticed a difference.”

Norman Regional Logo

Kate Burger

PACS Administrator

Norman Regional Health System extended their use of Communication Director to automate the delivery of PDF Documents.

“File Pick-Up was perfect for what we needed with our new cardiovascular system, Fuji Synapse. Our Fuji reports have a nice professional appearance that includes our logo and detailed graphics. However, we were unable to deliver these reports through Communication Director, because they are in PDF.”