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Brookings Health Improves Clinical Workflow and Patient Safety with EPCS

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Brookings Health System (Brookings, SD) recognizes that healthcare is always changing, and it relies on innovative technologies and best medical practices to stay competitive. For example, Brookings Health uses Forward Advantage’s Communication Director solution to automate the delivery of clinical reports and other vital information. It also implemented Imprivata OneSign, sold and implemented by Forward Advantage, to speed access to applications without compromising security. The single sign-on solution has been such a success among its physicians that Brookings Health recently turned to Forward Advantage again to implement Imprivata Confirm ID for EPCS (electronic prescribing of controlled substances). The full EPCS solution combines Imprivata with DrFirst and Forward Advantage to create a more efficient workflow for providers. It also allows Brookings Health to be proactive rather than reactive with regards to prescription fraud and patient safety.

Forward Advantage recently spoke with two individuals at Brookings Health who were key advocates for the EPCS implementation, and they were happy to share their feedback.

Brookings Insights

Grant McAdaragh

Senior healthcare analyst

Erica Knippling

Clinical Informatics specialist

EK: When we found out that Confirm ID with fingerprint authentication was an option for electronic signing of controlled substances, we thought it would be a great match for our environment here at Brookings Health System. We were already using OneSign, and our providers have really enjoyed that. We thought it would be a step back if we didn’t use some sort technology to do it.

GM: We saw challenges with other providers we work closely with when they tried to implement second-factor authentication for EPCS. Some of their providers were frustrated trying to work with a token code that expires every 30 seconds. The fingerprint option is much more user-friendly and efficient. Our providers didn’t want to fumble around with an external device, whether it’s a soft-token on a phone or a hard-token key fob. We try to keep the workflows as efficient as possible for our providers.

EK: We have an established relationship with Forward Advantage, and the customer service is top notch – whether we need tech support or not. They make us feel like we are their only client.

GM: One of the things we really value with vendors is their proven performance. Every vendor says they integrate with MEDITECH, but we have found that to not be true a lot of the time. We look for established vendors that have a proven track record of really integrating and providing a good solution that either helps pull data out of MEDITECH or functions with existing workflows, rather than a bolt-on that operates independently with MEDITECH. That’s what we saw with Forward Advantage. Partnering with them allows us to build efficiencies into existing MEDITECH workflows.

GM: Our hospitalists have the greatest impact on our Meaningful Use reporting. However, we have one ED provider who is truly a champion, and she loves e-prescribing, so I think having Confirm ID used by these providers will really help our CPOE and e-Rx numbers.

EK: Fraud hasn’t been much of an issue for us, but it was a deciding factor. We want to be proactive rather than reactive.

GM: One of the members on our board is our ED Director, and he likes that this is a direct and safe way to send prescriptions to the pharmacy without putting a paper script in a patient’s hard.

GM: If you’re planning on doing the Confirm ID solution, make sure you involve all the vendors up front on so you’re not working on two separate things. Include everyone you can on the initial communication calls.

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