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CarePoint Health’s three community-based, acute care hospitals provide a wide range of medical services to New Jersey’s Hudson County. When Hoboken University Medical Center and Christ Hospital were acquired in 2012, a need developed to decommission legacy systems. The goal was to reduce support and maintenance fees, while also improving workflow by having all clinical reports available in the main MEDITECH EHR. Having previously used Forward Advantage for its MEDITECH SCA conversion, CarePoint Health readily selected Forward Advantage for this latest initiative. Since 2014, Forward Advantage has helped CarePoint successfully decommission multiple legacy systems using its proprietary Document Imaging and Scanning Conversion (DISC) services. With information available in MEDITECH, the health system is not only saving on maintenance fees, but it is ensuring the availability of older reports and mitigating the risk of system failure from older equipment. Lupo Vaccarella, CarePoint Health’s Corporate Manager of Financial Applications, recently offered his insight on the project:

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Lupo Vaccarella

Corporate Manager of Financial applications

We have systems that we still need to explore, but the ones that have been decommissioned or are in progress are:

• Carevue
• OnBase
• Pentax Endo
• GE Viewpoint

The information stored in these systems was needed by clinical staff. By converting the reports to MEDITECH, all reports can be retrieved from one system. Also, software and hardware support/maintenance with these vendors was becoming costly and/or unavailable. We wanted to free up our internal resources by not having to maintain these systems.

We continued with Forward Advantage because of the success of previous conversions and their familiarity with our MEDITECH system.

The conversion plans have been thorough and effective, and Forward Advantage’s analysts work closely with our internal IT analysts.

We have not had any major issues, but if we found any discrepancies while validating, our concerns were addressed immediately by the Forward Advantage analyst.

I would recommend this support model. Our project manager helps with the project planning and coordination, and she sets the goals and needs of the project. She has improved coordination between our analysts, the tech staff and the Forward Advantage conversion team.

I don’t have any figures to share, but there are clear benefits to decommissioning systems. The main benefit is having all the information available in MEDITECH. Continuing maintenance on these systems was too costly. Additionally, some systems were outside maintenance windows, which left us vulnerable to not having access to the data.

Absolutely. For clinicians, having information readily available has improved the accessibility of older reports. We’ve also removed the risk of system failure on older equipment.

Clients should make sure to have an analyst work closely with the Forward Advantage team. Validations are extremely important, and Forward Advantage worked closely with us to resolve any issues.

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