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Migrating to MEDITECH’s Scanning and Archiving with Forward Advantage




Located in State College, Pennsylvania, Mount Nittany Medical Center is a 260-bed, acute-care facility offering medical, surgical, diagnostic and community services. Mount Nittany is one of the region’s top employers with 1400 healthcare professionals and support staff. As a provider of EMR access to 200+ clinicians for 11 years, Mount Nittany needed a streamlined approach to maintaining access to the data in their document imaging systems. Their existing system was experiencing frequent problems and was not consistently providing access for every department throughout the medical center.

Streamline Your MEDITECH SCA Conversion

Mount Nittany, a MEDITECH Client/Server HCIS user, chose to convert to the MEDITECH Scanning and Archiving (SCA) solution to streamline their processes and provide consistent access to their records. They also needed an effective strategy to migrate seven years’ worth of GI scanned data stored in their document imaging system. Acknowledging a long relationship with MEDITECH, Mount Nittany had the confidence to choose Forward Advantage, a MEDITECH endorsed service provider, for their Document Imaging and Scanning Conversion (DISC) solution to do just that. Forward Advantage, a provider of solid solutions for the MEDITECH HCIS since 1993, had the extensive experience and customer-acclaimed support and service to offer the solution that would integrate seamlessly with MEDITECH.

“We needed a new system to provide consistent access so our clinicians could retrieve the necessary data for objectives such as conducting cooperative studies, managing patient records and providing good continuity of care.”

- Ken Bixel, CIO, Mount Nittany
Executing the DISC tools and services provided Mount Nittany the ability to go live in March 2010 and convert existing imaging and scanning system information to the MEDITECH SCA System. Services included component installation, conversion tool configuration, execution of tools, post-run error checking and status calls. DISC cost-effectively streamlined the conversion process and saved on technical resources while maintaining access to their archived images.

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Benefits of a Forward Advantage Migration

“Forward Advantage delivered what you promised and more. You didn’t just do the work, Forward Advantage actually got in front…on our behalf! I wish more vendors performed like Forward Advantage.” Mount Nittany Medical Center successfully implemented the necessary conversion tool, components and services to convert their existing imaging and scanning system information to the MEDITECH SCA system and achieved the following benefits:
  • Efficient process for scanning with MEDITECH platform.
  • Achieved 80-90% goal of a paperless system.
  • Provided consistent access for all Mount Nittany Medical Center clinicians.
  • Created a streamlined process to complete the job in as little as 1 month.
  • Furthermore, the minimal hospital resource involvement and timely migration of scanned images and archives presented a peace of mind that the implementation was efficiently streamlined and no data was left behind.

“Forward Advantage was very knowledgeable with regard to the migration and the data validation process. They worked well with our staff as well as our MEDITECH contacts which made the project run smoothly. I was impressed!”

- Linda Barrett, Project Lead, Mount Nittany Medical Center

About Mount Nittany Medical Center

Mount Nittany Medical Center is a 260-bed acute care facility offering medical, surgical, diagnostic and community services to help patients reach their healthiest potential. One of the region’s top places to work, Mount Nittany Health employs about 2,400 skilled healthcare professionals and support staff and credentials hundreds of employed and non-employed physicians in more than 60
specialties and subspecialties. The Medical Center is located in State College, Pa., and is part of Mount Nittany Health.