Improving the Process for Inbound Faxes with RapidFiler and Communication Director

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Fauquier Hospital has been using Forward Advantage’s Communication Director for enterprise-wide faxing and report distribution for nearly 20 years. This long-time working relationship has led to the more recent implementation of RapidFiler. An integrated solution, RapidFiler streamlines the filing of inbound faxes from area physicians, other hospitals, insurance agencies and financial-aid organizations into MEDITECH. RapidFiler has been credited for saving both money and time at Fauquier, as staff members and care teams can now more easily exchange information for enhanced productivity and better patient care.

Fauquier Health Insights

Angela Kosko

Information systems business analyst

We look to Forward Advantage for new communication solutions when a need arises. RapidFiler and Communication Director are invaluable to our organization to ensure continuity of care for our patients and communication between the hospital staff and area providers. Our projects with Forward Advantage have all been successful. Their staff is knowledgeable and always available to answer questions or work through a process.
RapidFiler allows us to store faxes in a central place, and each area that uses it can easily transfer faxes between each other. RapidFiler easily lets us pass faxes though COLD feed into MEDITECH. The information passes quickly, so the departments which need information can access it almost immediately in MEDITECH.
RapidFiler was incredibly easy to implement, and the few changes we needed were done on the fly. Our security is run through Active Directory which is a big time-saver for us. When a user leaves the facility, it removes their access. If a department uses RapidFiler or Inbound Faxing, those new users are automatically added to the Active Directory Access Control List (ACL). We can add people ad hoc directly to the folder. Using integrated Active Directory ACL is a great feature that I would recommend.
Yes, Inbound Faxing was added for RapidFiler, but we were also interested in other options it presented like sending faxes to emails and to folders outside of RapidFiler. If hospitals haven’t considered digital inbound faxing, they should. We’ve removed three mass-multifunction printers and have avoided using countless reams of paper.

We use RapidFiler for orders from our area providers, surgical authorizations in the OR, as well as other required documents like H&Ps. Here are some examples of how our departments are using RapidFiler:

  • Wellness Center – receiving cardio rehab orders
  • Physical Medicine – communication with area providers for PT/OT/ST
  • Case Management – sending and receiving insurance and intake information for patients
  • Materials Management – receiving order confirmations
  • Interventional Radiology and Outpatient Special Procedures – orders (specifically STAT orders sent by area physicians for emergency tests and procedures)
  • Medical Staff Coordination – receiving massive amounts of paperwork associated with vetting doctors.

RapidFiler makes it very easy to upload into our EHR without making copies or scanning being degraded. Our Infusion Center is the newest department to use RapidFiler. They fax a copy to the pharmacy before filing a copy into MEDITECH. We are now working on getting our Pharmacy on RapidFiler.

When a fax is received in RapidFiler, the user identifies the document type and looks up the patient from our ADT connection with MEDITECH. After the patient is identified, the user “accepts” the file which sends it through COLD feed import into MEDITECH where it appears as a scanned image.

Departments that have converted from paper faxes to inbound faxing and RapidFiler are saving time and money. It has a big impact on departments that aren’t in a central location. Instead of printing a fax and delivering it or sending it via interoffice mail, we just put it in the file, and they pick it up when they have time. It’s saving time and improving care coordination. For example, Physical Medicine is in three different areas, and they all use the same RapidFiler folder to work together for the patient’s care.

Communication Director

Enterprise-wide information exchange: all departments, all users, all EHRs!


Save time and resources, while improving the accuracy of patient charting

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