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EMR-Integrated Messaging for a Mobile Workforce

Beverly Hospital Connects Clinical Staff by Integrating Communication Director and Imprivata Cortext




Beverly Hospital (in Montebello, California) stays competitive by investing in cutting-edge technologies that make life easier for its physicians. This 224-bed hospital has been using MEDITECH for the past 15 years and continuously seeks new ways to streamline physician and clinician workflow while bettering patient care. With the use of smartphones on the rise among physicians, hospital leadership recognized an opportunity with Imprivata Cortext and the Imprivata Cortext Connector, both sold and implemented by Forward Advantage. “Our physicians aren’t on a salary, so we have to appeal to their sense of loyalty to the hospital,” says Loretta Mann, CIO at Beverly Hospital. “Our projects are often more tedious and regulatory in nature and don’t give the doctors and nurses an upside, but this one does. It’s simple and just a big win for everyone.”

Access to Secure, EMR-Integrated Messaging from Any Device

The Imprivata Cortext Connector allows hospitals to maximize Forward Advantage’s Communication Director for automated report distribution by integrating with the AHA-endorsed Imprivata Cortext secure messaging platform. This results in HIPAA-compliant, clinical messages that are automatically delivered from the EMR to physician smartphones and other mobile devices. For example, Beverly Hospital is currently using the Cortext Connector to automatically notify a patient’s physician regarding a transition of care as well as notifying the house supervisor of any admit orders. In the coming months, they plan on using the Connector for additional use cases, including clinical alerts, results, consults and more. The hospital has Imprivata Cortext deployed on desktop devices as well so that this information will be easily accessible with any workflow.

“It seemed like a natural fit with Forward Advantage,” continues Mann. “The big sell for us was their relationship with MEDITECH and their ability to interface with the application and understand the workflow. They have the unique ability to anticipate the types of process issues and operational problems that we have.”

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The Biggest Impact for the Least Amount of Money

Prior to implementing Imprivata Cortext, nurses at Beverly Hospital wasted a great deal of time tracking down physicians. This was particularly true with consult requests, as consulting physicians are in and out of the hospital and easily missed during their rounds. “Now our nurses just have to text these physicians,” says Mann. “If he or she is doing rounds that day, then they can see the patient and not miss a consult because the nurse wasn’t able to get a hold of them on time. It’s really enhancing patient care, because it’s eliminating unnecessary delays, which also cuts down on the patient’s stay.”

Mann points out that the nurses aren’t the only ones saving a great deal of time. The hospital’s pharmacists are also thrilled with how efficient Imprivata Cortext is. They can easily text a prescribing physician to let him or her know that a medication has been recalled or replaced, and the physician can immediately respond. “The workflow benefit is tremendous,” says Mann.

“I’ve implemented a lot of things over the years, and this has had the biggest impact for the least amount of money. Our nurses and pharmacists don’t have to spend hours tracking doctors down, and the doctors can be anywhere and put a quick response in.”

- Loretta Mann, Beverly Hospital

Advice for Other Hospitals

Mann and her team knew from the beginning that a policy against texting would be ineffective and a PHI security risk. She advises other organizations not to hesitate in investing in a secure messaging solution. “If I’d have known this was going to be such a big hit, I would have done it a long time ago. This has got to be the cheapest solution that I’ve ever implemented that has such a huge return on investment.”

Mann adds that Forward Advantage’s experience has added a great deal of value to the solution. “You can’t go with a vendor who doesn’t have a lot of healthcare experience, because they’re not going to understand all of the problems that hospitals come across and the operational inefficiencies that we live with every day. Choosing Forward Advantage saved us a lot of time, trouble, and aggravation. Nowadays, every time we turn around, there’s something new hitting us. We don’t have time to work with people who don’t know our world.”

About Beverly Hospital

Beverly Hospital is a not-for-profit, leading and independent 224-bed acute care facility that is proud of the medical services and comfort provided to patients. From emergency room and hospitalization to outpatient procedures, Beverly Hospital offers a full range of services with the latest technology on diagnostic and treatment options. A medical staff of over 300 physicians, representing a wide spectrum of specialties, is supported by experienced and dedicated employees and volunteers, who strive to deliver high-tech, high-touch services, preventive education and patient care.