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Imprivata Confirm ID™

Simplified Multifactor Authentication for Medical Devices, Remote Access, EPCS and Clinical Workflows

Comprehensive Identity And Multifactor Authentication

Imprivata Confirm IDTM is a comprehensive, multifactor authentication platform for fast, secure authentication and signing. Sold and implemented by Forward Advantage, Imprivata Confirm ID combines security with convenience to streamline authentication across all enterprise workflows. This includes remote access, medical devices, electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) and other clinical workflows – using methods such as Hands-Free Authentication, push-token notification, and fingerprint biometrics.
Imprivata ID streamlines authentication to all workflows, including remote access, EPCS, clinical workflows, and remote access.
MEDITECH-Approved EPCS and Signing Solution

Forward Advantage is the MEDITECH-approved reseller & implementor of Imprivata Confirm ID and a strategic partner in their integrated EPCS solution. MEDITECH partners with DrFirst, Imprivata and Forward Advantage to address the market and compliance-driven requirements of EPCS.

Providers are often frustrated with the manual entry and the requirement of a unique passphrase in the standard two-factor authentication process. MEDITECH recommends implementing the streamlined Imprivata Confirm ID workflow to increase provider adoption and simplify EPCS.

Imprivata Confirm ID for EPCS

Fast, secure signing of electronic prescribing of controlled substance (EPCS).

  • Integrates with leading EHRs and e-prescribing applications
  • Meets DEA requirements for EPCS
  • Supports multiple two-factor authentication methods:
    • Hands-free authentication
    • Push-token authentication
    • Fingerprint biometric authentication
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Imprivata Confirm ID for Medical Device Access

Uses convenient authentication to access and/or transact with PHI on medical devices.
  • Improves security and enhances visibility of all user interactions with PHI on medical devices
  • Replaces inefficient workflows that require usernames and passwords with the simple tap of a badge
  • Optimizes organizations use of interconnected medical devices
  • Successfully meets regulatory compliance requirements

Imprivata Confirm ID for Clinical Workflows

Improves security by replacing passwords with fast, convenient authentication methods.
  • Helps to deliver safe, effective, and complaint patient care
  • Streamline authentication for transactions such as medication ordering, witnessing medication wasting, computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and more
  • Increases provider satisfaction with convenient authentication modalities
  • Creates an audit trail for patient health information
  • Integrates with leading EHRs and other clinical authentication modalities
Confirm ID integrates with brands like Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, and Citrix.

Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access

Improves security by enabling enterprise-wide, two-factor authentication for remote network access
  • Integration with leading VPNs and other remote access gateways
  • Integration with Microsoft ADFS to protect cloud applications
  • Two-factor authentication for windows servers and desktops
  • Ensure efficiency through fast, convenient push token notifications


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