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Capella Healthcare Selects Forward Advantage for Single Sign-On Pilot

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Capella Healthcare, one of the nation’s leading private healthcare companies, recently implemented single sign-on in one of its hospitals with the help of Forward Advantage. As an authorized reseller of Imprivata OneSign®, Forward Advantage was selected for the pilot program at Willamette Valley Medical Center in McMinnville, Oregon.

“During the last four years, we’ve rolled out MEDITECH 6.0 to our hospitals,” says Alan Smith, senior vice president and chief information officer at Capella. “Willamette Valley leaders encouraged us to evaluate the use of single sign-on technology for the MEDITECH deployment because they knew it would have a big impact on physician satisfaction and clinical productivity.”

Round-the-Clock Support from a MEDITECH-Preferred Vendor

Capella began evaluating single sign-on solutions a year ago, and it was Forward Advantage’s MEDITECH experience and reputation within the market that set it apart. “We learned about Forward Advantage through word of mouth from other MEDITECH shops,” says Smith.

After signing with Forward Advantage, the implementation at Willamette took approximately eight weeks. The IT team said they felt supported every step of the process and continue to utilize Forward Advantage. “This was the best project I’ve worked on,” says Diane Farrow, IT director at Willamette Valley. “My team had a call with Forward Advantage a couple times a week during the implementation. At first I was leery wondering if these calls would cost us extra money, but it’s all included and has stayed that way even after the go-live. Our implementation representative was great and went above and beyond for us. He even worked with the night shift to make sure they understood the solution and felt like a part of the project. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

Valuable Time Savings for a Variety of Roles

There are a wide variety of single sign-on users at Willamette because its leadership team saw
time-saving potential across multiple roles. The hospital currently has 325 licenses and is close to completing all enrollments. Users include physicians, nurses, RT, PT, Pharmacy, and Imaging along with managers and support staff in those areas. They are benefiting from more efficient, streamlined access to MEDITECH and all other applications that require a password. End users at Willamette previously had to log in and out multiple times throughout the day using up to seven different passwords. Now a single password entered at the start of a shift grants these users access to any of their applications, with a click on each application link. A configurable grace period then goes into effect, during which a user can simply tap his or her badge to a workstation in place of entering a password. “I try to visit each department a couple of times a week to see how things are going,” says Farrow. “Those in Radiology and Short Stay say it saves them as much as 30 minutes per day. As time goes on, I expect to hear similar results from other departments.”It’s very time efficient with few steps, and this gives us the consistency and reliability we needed.”

“It was clear that they offer a solid solution backed by strong service, so we didn’t need to go through a big selection process.”

MEDITECH Roaming Provides Better Workflow and Security

Forward Advantage’s implementation of the Imprivata OneSign® solution provided Willamette the opportunity to maximize the use of its Citrix virtual environment for roaming. By allowing a clinician to disconnect a session on one workstation and pick up exactly where he/she left off on another, this new workflow saves clinicians valuable time throughout the day while enhancing security throughout the hospital. Not long after single sign-on and roaming were in place, it became apparent to Farrow that clinicians had not always been locking their workstations in accordance with hospital policy. With this in mind, Willamette worked with Forward Advantage to configure the solution to ensure increased compliance. “They have to remember to tap out of a workstation before tapping into another to get the full advantages of roaming,” says Farrow. “As much as we tried getting them to log out, I’m finding out more and more that they just weren’t doing it. This is actually helping.”

In Demand by Physicians

Since beginning the pilot, single sign-on has become so in demand at Willamette that additional physicians are now requesting it. “There are several physicians that have made it known that they’d like to have it,” says Farrow. “Some of them are independent practitioners, so we’re working on how we can get the licenses needed to accommodate them. We’re working with our medical staff as well, and they want it so much that they’re willing to pay for it themselves.”

“Physician satisfaction and productivity have long been the primary drivers for single sign-on,” concludes Mike Knebel, vice president of sales at Forward Advantage. “It’s a powerful tool for adding extra time into their day, and this equates to more time for patient care. That’s what matters most to our customers.”

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