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Communication Platform and Information Exchange

Forward Advantage offers many different solutions to facilitate efficient, secure and convenient communications and information exchange. Our goal is to simplify and improve the way information is accessed so your team can spend more time on what matters: patient care.

Communication Director

Your one-stop-shop for enterprise-wide communications. Streamline workflows and improve care with automated, intelligent delivery of clinical reports, notifications and more.


Streamline inbound documents into your EHR to save time, paper, and improve the accuracy of patient charting.

Bed Stat

Improve bed turnaround time, and increase revenue! With integration to MEDITECH’s Bed Board, housekeeping can communicate bed status updates directly from a patient room using simple telephone prompts.

Interoperability Solutions

Forward Advantage can meet the interoperability goals of any organization with: our robust interface engine, physician EMR integration, and interface development and outsourcing services.

Partner with Forward Advantage to help make your goals a reality

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Forward Advantage has partnered with Imprivata®, the leading single sign-on and advanced authentication platform, to help state and local governments successfully deploy Imprivata OneSign.

  • Supports ALL CJIS-approved authentication methods, including: biometrics, proximity cards, smart cards, and OTP tokens
  • Meets FIPS 140-2 data protection requirements and provides reporting on workstation and application access for audits
  • Secures access to NetMotion® using CJIS-approved authentication methods
  • Saves time and minimizes officer disruption by requiring two-factor authentication only
  • 24/7 Self-service password reset automates password management and reduces burden on IT

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