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Marion General Hospital has been a Forward Advantage customer for nearly two decades, using solutions for automated report distribution, single sign-on, and bed status updates. The hospital turned to Forward Advantage again more recently to combat issues that plague many of today’s healthcare organizations: identity theft, duplicate records, and compromised patient safety. Forward Advantage is an authorized reseller and implementer of Imprivata PatientSecure, which uses advanced biometrics for patient identification. This includes palm-vein scanning using a patient’s unique palm-vein pattern and iris scanning. Marion General implemented PatientSecure in 2017 and currently uses palm-vein scanning in nearly all outpatient areas. With enough time passed, the hospital is now confident to deploy the solution in its emergency department. Congratulations to this organization for taking impressive steps towards patient safety by becoming one of the first hospitals in Indiana to launch PatientSecure!

Marion General Hospital Insights

Teresa Adams

Patient Access Manager

Sherry Ribble

PFS Admin Director

Sherry: We have worked with Forward Advantage in the past in other ways and have always been happy with the service. PatientSecure was implemented for better patient identification. Patient privacy, and not being able to use social security numbers like we used to, makes it more difficult to ensure that our staff members are with the right patient. This is such a safety issue that we knew we needed another way to identify patients. We also have people in other departments that report to us, so they don’t always understand how to determine the right patient. It was a goal to make this easier on them as well.

Teresa: At our hospital, we have a high volume of emergency department patients and lots of varying acuity levels. We see a fair amount of crime-related injuries, and we not only have the patients we’re taking care of but their families as well. People see you checking in a patient using other technologies like a thumb print, and they don’t like that because they worry it could be shared with the FBI or police. This is less daunting to patients. It’s literally a quick reading of a patient’s unique palm-vein pattern. We have a fair number of patients that come in and are unconscious for whatever reason, so they can’t talk to identify themselves. In the ED, if you can guess that person’s age (plus or minus 10 years) and know their gender, you have a good chance of identifying them and taking care of them with their true medical record.

Teresa: We probably don’t have as much intentional fraud as other places do, but we do have a lot of duplicate medical record issues. People get married, their names change, and they forget to tell us. This is a solution for identify fraud, but it also reduces duplicate medical records.

Teresa: PatientSecure is used in pretty much all outpatient areas. We haven’t launched it in the emergency department yet, because we wanted to be cautious and take about a year and a half to make sure we were using the product properly and getting good scans. We have just under 20,000 patients in the database, and now we must get the triage nurses in the emergency department trained so they no longer have to manually look up patients in the ED module.

Teresa: I would recommend visiting another hospital that’s using PatientSecure. I think that would have broadened my perspective and helped me to better understand what questions to ask prior to the launch.

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