Branded Mobile App with EHR Integration


Your Patients. Your Brand.

Today’s patients expect a consumer experience when managing their healthcare. They want clinical and non-clinical information in one, easy to use app.

The PXMobile app platform does just that.

Learn about our API integration with MEDITECH.
PXMobile has a number of integrations

All-In-One Mobile App Platform

Now you can create your digital front door in a single, consistent mobile app with your branding and integrated with your EHR/patient portal. Meet your patient’s consumer expectations all in one mobile app! With PXMobile, you can host your own app on the App Store® and/or Google Play™ customized with your logo, news and events, provider directory, wayfinding, and more.
*App Store® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Get Up and Running Fast

PXMobile delivers your specific initiatives in a way that meets the consumer demands of today’s patients, right out of the box.

All offered on an app platform specifically designed for healthcare by healthcare experts.

Woman using PXMobile, featuring MEDITECH and Epic Integration and push notifications

Customizable to meet your needs and specific programs

Recognizing that nothing is one-size-fits-all, we integrate with your preferred solutions to ensure you achieve your specific goals. We’re dedicated to your success by creating a partnership. Popular integration options include:


Help patients easily navigate to and around your facility with a wayfinding solution. Integrate with your own solution or take a look at MapsIndoors by MapsPeople.

Healthcare Libraries

Users can filter, subscribe, favorite, rate and share content for a personalized experience. Plus, EHR integration provides education specific to their care plan.


Integrate with the most common telehealth solutions or directly to your EHR/patient portal functionality.

HIPAA Compliant Forms

Streamline workflows into one app for patients and visitors.

Chat Bots/Live Chat

Connect instantly with patients and reduce questions to help desk staff.

Non-Clinical Payments

Take payments like donations and educational program fees.

Help Patients and Visitors

Find Their Way

Learn more about our integrated dynamic mapping platform, MapsIndoors by MapsPeople.
Person using MapsIndoors app

Patient Experience + Patient Engagement

Support Your Patients

Increased Compliance with Patient Care Plans

Easy Access to Content Based on Condition

Better Patient Experience

Increased Patient and Family Engagement

Elevate Your Operations

Be a Leader in your Local Market

Reduced Missed Appointments

Measurable ROI

Actionable Data


Make Your Strategy a Reality

Ideal for all hospital and healthcare systems, PXMobile is customizable to meet your needs. Learn how we can help, regardless of what’s driving your strategy:

We’re here for you no matter where you are in your mobile and patient experience journey. We’ll help you make your plans a reality.

Ready to create a one-stop-shop for your healthcare system? We’ll work to integrate your patient portal into a mobile app that puts you in control, not the EHR.

We can discuss how to migrate to our app platform or integrate with any of your existing solutions.

PXMobile will help you deliver streamlined and exceptional care to become a standout in your area.

PXMobile helps provide a single place patients and visitors can find information about your facilities and their care. Include wayfinding for easy navigation to and around your campus(es).

We offer services to create and maintain integrations with other applications to meet your unique needs.

Patients can subscribe to content about their health issues to increase positive outcomes of patient care plans.
PXMobile application with various features

A Cut Above the Competition

PXMobile is a flexible, secure, and scalable app platform built by healthcare experts.

Cloud-Based Mobile Platform

Hosted in the cloud, we prioritize security, reliability, and scalability.

Easy to Configure & Maintain Platform

We're dedicated to your success and creating a solution that does not require a heavy uplift from your team.

MEDITECH* and Epic API Integration

Seamless authentication into your patient portal is available as an out of the box integration.

Designed for Healthcare

Unlike some mobile app developers, we're healthcare focused with deep knowledge of hospital and patient needs.

Flexible, Scalable Platform

As your initiatives and strategy change, our app platform grows with you.

Apple & Google Compatibility

Includes both Apple App Store and Google Play versions that you publish under your brand.

*API level integration available for MEDITECH Expanse and Epic. For other EHR or patient portal integrations, please inquire.

Let’s work together

Forward Advantage isn’t here to just build you an app. Every organization has unique drivers for patient experience and engagement, and we are focused on supporting you. We’re dedicated to partnering with our customers to make their goals a reality, and our collaborative process doesn’t end at implementation. Our services include a dashboard to help you track and report on KPIs like new users, in-app user activity, log-in trends and more. You tell us what’s important to you and we’ll work with you through design, implementation, and user adoption.
PXMobile dashboard example

Take advantage of our unique skillset

EHR Experts

Our team has extensive MEDITECH and Epic experience.

Integration Specialists

We’ve been in the healthcare space for more than 30 years, building solutions to help customers create connected workflows.

Full-Service Setup & Support

We’re your partner throughout the application lifecycle, from strategy to implementation to application maintenance.

Custom Engagements

Don’t see what you need? Ask and we’ll discuss how to make your strategy a reality.

Let's Connect

Find out more about PXMobile and how we can help you achieve your goals.