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RapidFiler Saves Time and Paper at Summit Pacific Medical Center

Streamline Filing Documents into MEDITECH’s Echart for a More Complete Patient Record




Filing inbound documents into the Echart is a challenge for many MEDITECH hospitals. Typical processes involve printing, scanning, and manipulating faxes before associating them with patient records. This wastes valuable time and resources, which was the case for Summit Pacific Medical Center after it migrated to MEDITECH 6.1.

This critical access facility in Elma, Washington is primarily an outpatient center, and it had been using a third-party charting solution to handle the more than 300 inbound faxes it receives per day. Summit Pacific required assistance migrating its existing charts and other data from its old system into MEDITECH, but it also needed a new solution to manage these inbound documents.

Forward Advantage helped on both accounts, and the facility is now successfully using its new RapidFiler solution to streamline the filing of inbound faxes into MEDITECH’s Echart. The results speak for themselves – Summit Pacific has reduced the number of employees managing inbound faxes and scanned documents by more than 50 percent. As the system has evolved, RapidFiler has also helped the facility remove much of the document handling responsibilities from the clinical groups over to the HIM team, freeing up time for patient care.

Complete Services from a Vendor Who Knows MEDITECH

Summit Pacific hired Engage, an IT service provider, to manage the MEDITECH migration and host the software. Engage has a long, working relationship with Forward Advantage and knows that, as a MEDITECH collaboration partner, it develops solutions to help with information delivery to and from the HCIS. Rick Hansen, Assistant Director of IT at Engage, was using Forward Advantage’s Document Imaging and Scanning Conversion (DISC) services for the migration when he learned about the new RapidFiler solution. “Forward Advantage’s Communication Director is a solid solution for delivering documents and other information out of the MEDITECH EMR,” says Hansen.

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Gain Efficiency and Reduce Paper with RapidFiler

RapidFiler is a desktop-based tool that works in conjunction with Communication Director or any third-party system capable of delivering/dropping a file into a designated folder. Summit Pacific uses Communication Director for inbound fax delivery. RapidFiler monitors the drop folder, recognizes new files, and allows end users to electronically manipulate them before associating with a patient’s MEDITECH Echart. This results in less manual intervention and a more complete patient record. “We have a few people in HIM who monitor the folder for new documents,” says Hansen. “Depending on the document type, they either file it directly into the chart or they file and flag it if there are actionable items. When RapidFiler is integrated with MEDITECH, this can all be done electronically with no need
to print.”

“RapidFiler now lets us put inbound documentation into the EMR to become truly paperless. With any MEDITECH implementation, we recommend Forward Advantage, because we can trust them to do exactly what we need them to do in a MEDITECH environment.”

- Rick Hansen, Assistant Director of IT at Engage

A Solid Return on Investment

Hansen is confident that RapidFiler will produce impressive savings for the facility. “When you consider the amount of time that clinicians spent handling paper and the fax traffic that comes through Summit Pacific, they are going to save a lot of time,” concludes Hansen. “The manpower it took to move that amount of paper around could never be paid for at the same level as just hitting a submit button. They used to be drowning in paper, and now they don’t have to print anymore. There used to be more than twenty people filing documents into charts, and now there’s only three to four for most inbound document handling tasks.”

“We work closely with MEDITECH to develop solutions that fill any gaps,” concludes Kevin Frazier, Manager of Client Services at Forward Advantage. “MEDITECH recognized a need to help organizations bring external documents into the Echart for a more streamlined workflow, and RapidFiler does exactly that. Summit Pacific is achieving some great results, and we look forward to helping other organizations save time and money.”

About Summit Pacific Medical Center

Summit Pacific Medical Center is a Critical Access Hospital with a Level IV Trauma Designation. We offer 24-hour emergency services including a full-service laboratory and diagnostic imaging department. Our Emergency Department is staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week by an ED Physician. We also operate three rural healthcare clinics and an urgent care clinic that is open seven days a week. Our hospital is unique due to our size and accessibility. We pride ourselves on our low emergency department wait times and our ability to give patients access to a doctor quickly.