Secure Texting and Messaging Connectors
Secure Texting and Messaging Connectors

Secure, Innovative Messaging Improves Patient Care

Automated, Secure Messages from your EHR

Forward Advantage created the Secure Texting and Messaging Connectors to integrate Communication Director with secure messaging platforms. This API-level integration provides convenient, automatic and efficient delivery of information from your EHR to almost any smartphone, tablet or PC. It’s truly information that finds the right person, at the right time.

Real-Time Information Sent to Any Device

  • Replace phone-tag and outdated pagers
  • Support a mobile strategy and a BYOD policy
  • No need to log into the EHR to receive and review critical PHI
  • Integrate your EHR with Imprivata Cortext and other leading secure messaging platforms

Fast, Efficient and Reliable Health Information Exchange

  • Automatically send critical data from any EHR, such as: ADT statuses, critical lab values, and consult orders
  • Hospitals, physicians and patients benefit from improved communications
  • Critical elements from any report can be extracted and formatted in a secure message


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Automatically Distribute Secure Mobile Message with Communication Director
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Using Automation to Improve Workflow with Communication Director

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Watch How Critical Patient Information in Your EHR Can Be Automatically and Securely Delivered to Imprivata Cortext

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