Subscription Licensing for Communication Director, Bed Stat, & Data Express 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your subscription to Communication Director, Bed Stat, or Data Express includes the following:
  • A license to use the software for the term of your subscription.
  • Support and Maintenance within the same general parameters as they were provided under the previous perpetual Maintenance and Support agreement.
  • Future updates: e.g., security or operating system-related updates.
  • 24 x 7 support.
Implementation services are charged separately as required.
When you subscribe to Communication Director, Bed Stat, or Data Express, you pay an annual fee based on the features you choose (e.g. number of fax channels, number of SmartRoutes, delivery modules, etc.). You can access the software, updates, and current releases if you keep your subscription current.

We require a 3-year commitment with your initial purchase and an annual renewal thereafter.
No. Any existing perpetual licenses that you own and are covered by a current Software Maintenance and Technical Support Services Agreement will not be converted to subscription at this time. However, any purchase quoted on, or after, January 1, 2023, will use the subscription pricing model. This includes license purchases for additional capacity or functionality on top of your existing perpetual licenses.
There are no current plans to move to a SaaS model; however, we continuously evaluate customer needs for future considerations and changes.
Subscriptions are a financing method that smooth the cost of a purchase over time. Customers avoid significant capital expenditures associated with perpetual licensing and shift costs to their operating expense budget.

Our subscription model provides cost-certainty by providing a price lock for the duration of the subscription term.

Subscriptions provide flexible use of the solution with the opportunity to assess if an implementation’s capacity, features, and/or functionality need to be expanded or reduced at the time of renewal. Perpetual licensing does not allow for this same flexibility.
No. There is no change to the level of support or access to support. Your subscription includes 24×7 support.
You have that option, and some customers may choose to fully move their perpetual licenses to subscription, however there is no requirement to do so.
Forward Advantage is moving to a subscription licensing model for all its solutions in response to customer requests and changing market demands. Moving to a more contemporary licensing model allows us to align with most solutions that our healthcare customers utilize today.
Beginning January 1, 2023, all purchases will be quoted as subscription.

Initial purchases will be for a 3-year contract term, with payment in full for the three years due at the term’s start although some subscriptions may qualify for annual payments. Upon completion of the initial 3-year term, renewals will be for an annual term.

Initial purchases will be for a 3-year term. Upon completion of the initial 3-year term, renewals will be for an annual term.

In many cases, we will co-term billing for purchased products on to the same billing cycle upon completion of the initial 3-year term. Please contact us for more details.