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Forward Advantage would like to congratulate Catawba Valley Health System for impressive achievements that include four-time Magnet-recognition for nursing excellence and America’s Best 100 Hospital’s “Women’s Choice Winner” for six consecutive years. We are honored to have worked with Catawba Valley since 2003, providing migration services and several solutions that integrate with its MEDITECH EHR. This includes Communication Director for faxing and automated clinical report distribution, Bed Stat for bed status notifications, and Find-It for advanced searching of MEDITECH Business Office documents using optical character recognition.

More recently, Catawba Valley acquired Forward Advantage’s Historical Archive Viewer and SmartLaunch button to ensure that legacy data would remain easily accessible during a conversion to MEDITECH. SmartLaunch appears on patient screens within the EHR and alerts clinicians and other staff to important patient information contained within the Historical Archive Viewer and other systems. Best of all, they can access this information without leaving the EHR.

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Kim Hemphill


We implemented the Historical Archive Viewer to view data that we are converting from an old Electronic Legal Record. We are migrating this data into MEDITECH with the help of Forward Advantage. The Historical Archive Viewer, along with the SmartLaunch button, provides easy and convenient access to historical data for our clinical staff from within MEDITECH while we work on migrating the data into MEDITECH.
End users do not have to manually launch another system to pull up patient data. If they are in a patient record in MEDITECH, the SmartLaunch button changes to indicate if a patient has data in the Historical Archive Viewer or other systems. Forward Advantage even took it a step further, so the application will only launch if there is data present.

The implementation of the Historical Archive Viewer and SmartLaunch required very little effort on our part. We just provided feedback to the Forward Advantage team and they made it happen.  The data was copied from the legacy system to a server that was easily accessible, so the implementation did not take long at all.  End-user training was minimal, because the system is very easy to navigate and use. The fact that Forward Advantage could apply SmartLaunch to multiple screens within MEDITECH made it easily accessible to all staff regardless of the modules/screens they use in MEDITECH.

We have always been impressed with the development and integration teams at Forward Advantage. They are some of the best that we have ever dealt with. We receive very timely responses, and they really know the products inside and out.
After we finish converting the data into MEDITECH, we will use the Historical Archive Viewer to access data that couldn’t be converted, such as obsolete document versions, or data we chose not to migrate into MEDITECH.
For sites considering using this to view data from legacy systems, and not convert into their EHR, I would say that Historical Archive Viewer is an excellent choice. The ease of use and responsiveness of the Forward Advantage team would be the top reasons to implement this solution.

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