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Streamline the filing of inbound documents into MEDITECH

Many hospitals are challenged with inefficient workflows that make it difficult and time-consuming to manage incoming documents. RapidFiler™ was developed to meet this need by providing an interface that allows users to electronically process incoming documents and file them in MEDITECH. This electronic process reduces paper waste from printing and scanning, and it saves users time by streamlining workflows.

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Save time and paper

  • Reduce paper waste associated with printing and scanning

  • Save time by further streamlining hospital workflows

  • Automatically notify providers of documents to review via MEDITECH Workload messages at the same time as documents are filed

  • One tool that manages all incoming documents: faxes, scans, TIFFs, and PDFs

  • User-friendly interface that allows for efficient and accurate patient identification

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MEDITECH-integrated for faster, more accurate filing

  • Directly integrates with MEDITECH's Data Repository and ECM filer for:

    • Quick access to patient account information​

    • Automated file naming in the format required by the ECM filer

    • Notifying providers of new documents to review via MEDITCH Workload messages

  • No need to log into MEDITECH to file documents

  • Works with MEDITECH's preferred faxing solution, Communication Director, or any third-party application capable of performing a file drop

  • Learn more about our partnership with MEDITECH

Key benefits of RapidFiler™

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Manage multiple workflows in one application

Give clinicians fast access to important documents like referrals, orders, outside lab reports, and more.

Customize queues & directories

Create multiple director folders to manage your different workflows. You can organize incoming documents by form type, department, or however best matches your needs.

Person on laptop organizing files and folders
Person on laptop filing multiple documents

Quickly process multi-page documents

Filing documents with multiple pages requires no extra work - plus you can separate and combine documents as needed.

RapidFiler™ is a user-friendly desktop tool that allows for:

Including information such as the provider, their specialty and the order category to help identify documents in the Echart

Filing to a patient chart with no account number

Notifying providers of new documents to review via MEDITECH Workload messages

A SQL-based auditing log

Associating files with visit date or other dates of care

The ability to look up a patient account before filing a document

"Hold" folders to hold inbound documents until a patient account is created

Printing and saving

Rejecting pages (such as fax cover page)

Jumping between pages

Annotating files

Renaming files

Appending, separating, or combining files

Zooming in and out

Rotating the view of a scanned document


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Electronic document filing solution for MEDITECH

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