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Deploy your interoperability strategy or optimize your current structure with guidance from our expert implementation staff - or take advantage of our outsourcing services. Choose from a range of interoperability solutions and services that ensure you get connected and stay connected.

Interoperability solutions & services

Exchanging information electronically is your goal; ours is to make it easy!

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Data Express®

Get connected and stay connected with Data Express, the HL7 data exchange solution that uses a uniquely streamlined approach to transfer clinical results and orders between physician EMRs and hospital systems.

  • Uses a cost-effective "one-to-many" EMR interface approach

  • Integrates directly with both physician practices and hospital EHRs

  • Implemented and deployed by Forward Advantage with continued support throughout the life of the solution

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Interface services and outsourcing

Reduce time, risk and drain on internal resources by working with our skilled interface team. Forward Advantage provides the project management and staffing necessary to implement or maintain an interface solution - ensuring you successfully meet your interoperability goals.

  • We can work with your existing interface engine or one of our interoperability solutions, such as the FA Connections Engine

  • We can offer customized services, including:

    • Interface assessment​

    • Migration

    • Development

    • Maintenance

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Interoperability features of FA Connections Engine

FA Connections Engine

Forward Advantage's affordable integration engine simplifies the deployment, configuration, and maintenance of your interfaces.

  • Supports numerous communication protocols and messaging formats

  • Connects a single, inbound feed to an unlimited number of downstream systems

  • Highly scalable (one customer has 600+ production interfaces with 30+ hospitals)

  • Registered with the FDA as a Class I Medical Device

The FA Connections Engine is highly configurable with intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, and it contains built-in system monitoring and powerful searching capabilities. A robust, scalable and flexible solution for all environments, the FA Connections Engine can be easily managed in-house or outsourced to Forward Advantage.

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