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Email-to-Fax from Email Clients

Communication Director 4.2 module

Streamlined workflow from Microsoft Outlook or Google Gmail

Communication Director 4.2 offers a paperless and streamlined email-to-fax workflow from email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail, and most POP3 or IMAP mailboxes with the Email-to-Fax Email Client module. Communication Director sends the emails out as faxes and records delivery details in the System Activity Monitor. Senders are then notified of the fax status via email, making Communication Director your one-stop shop for auditing and fax management.

How Email-to-Fax Email Client module works with Communication Director

Key benefits of Email-to-Fax from Email Clients

Consolidate all faxing workflows into one, easily auditable platform

Send faxes without disrupting workflow

Receive fax status notifications via email for easy tracking

Eliminate the expense and maintenance of physical fax machines

Send faxes directly from email with no extra desktop application

Only available with Communication Director 4.2

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