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Expand your report delivery options

Available on most versions of Communication Director, File Transfer delivers files via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), secure FTP, SFTP, or the network file copy mechanism. Organizations can further streamline workflows for care providers and other users. There is no need to print or scan; simply transmit files across your network.

File Transfer

Communication Director module

How can File Transfer benefit you?

  • Deliver files to a secure FTP site where physician office staff can quickly and securely obtain patient reports.

  • Route physicians' orders to a directory instead of a fax machine, and streamline your schedulers' process by empowering them to work from a computer, eliminating the paper process.

  • Upon result or sign-off, route report files to an ED directory for quick review by staff, and allow for printing only when desired.

Eliminate paper


  • No need to name and save report files at the destination.

  • Specify path names and file names based on information collected during the SmartRoute process.

  • Flexible configuration using a wide range of variables to create file names and path names automatically.

Automatically create file & path names

  • Reports are delivered via SmartRoute functionality and either left in their original format or converted into TIFF, DCX, or copyable/non-copyable PDF formats.

  • Converts most PCL documents into text files which may provide support for transfer into other systems.

Provides a variety of file formats

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