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Identity Governance & Administration

Solutions and services to help manage identity lifecycles

Questions to ask while considering Identity Governance.

Centralize visibility over user access to corporate resources

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) has the power to enhance onboarding while improving security, auditability, reporting, and user identity management - all from a centralized location.

Along with being an authorized reseller and implementer of leading IGA solutions from Imprivata® and SailPoint®, our experts provide objective guidance throughout your IGA journey from planning, decision making, implementation and beyond. Our approach is to provide tailored solutions and services, not a one-size-fits-all product.

Our Identity Governance solutions

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Identity governance solutions with options for on-premises or cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI) and protection of unstructured data.

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Role-based access controls with automated provisioning and de-provisioning, streamlined auditing and analytics.

Identity Governance affects everyone

Prevents data breaches and inside information leaks


Eliminates password resets and other time-consuming processes


Reduces compliance costs by up to 75%


Ensures employee productivity on day one


Helps avoid costly data breaches and audit penalties


Streamlines end user access to critical applications and data


Addresses security challenges and initiatives


Adapts to your technology strategy


Building a successful IGA Program

Information technology security lock

Operational efficiency of identity lifecycle management

Automating tasks (like onboarding new users and adjusting access as workers change roles) can lower costs and reduce burden and risk - freeing your IT team to focus on other business imperatives.

Digital monitoring to see who has access to what

Increased visibility into user access & entitlements

Mitigate compliance and security risks with visibility into who has access to what across the user population.

Centralized governance & access controls

Centralized policy administration for role-based access controls including approval processes for granting, revoking, and auditing user access and entitlements.

Controlling user access from one device
Digital office room

Scalable solutions & services

IGA strategies and solutions should be scalable to ensure users remain unaffected as organizations grow due to mergers and acquisitions, the addition of new identities, accounts, applications or systems. We can help guide you on setting up an IGA program that will help you successfully manage identities as your organization changes.

Technology continues to bring more users, applications and data together. With more connections, healthcare organizations face more vulnerability. An effective IGA program reduces business risk while offering operational efficiencies.

IGA is a journey

Adapting to your technology strategy (cloud, on-rem, etc.)

Building on and strengthening your current identity management approach

Addressing security challenges and initiatives

Streamlining end user access to critical applications and data

Providing auditing and access controls to know who has access to what

Along with improving compliance and strengthening security, an effective IGA program meets your evolving needs by:

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Why choose Forward Advantage?

Forward Advantage's experts have decades of experience working in healthcare with leading EHRs, VDI infrastructure, single sign-on and advanced authentication solutions. We can assist you throughout your IGA journey to ensure your identity objectives are met long into the future.

We are:

  • Healthcare focused

  • Offering a consultative approach for any stage

  • Offering objective guidance for any goals

  • Offering ongoing services for evolving needs

  • Identity experts (15+ years in the Access & Authentication space)

What our clients say

"Forward Advantage did a phenomenal job tailoring the system to meet our specific challenges head on."

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- Larry Meyers, CIO

"We have a great working relationship. I really can't say enough about Forward Advantage's service. It's very unusual to work with a vendor as attentive as they are.

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- Grand View Staff

"Forward Advantage's responsiveness, ability to be creative, and willingness to work with us has been bar none."

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- Tanya Robbins, Director of Patient Financial Services


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Let's work together

No matter your identity goals, we can provide tailored solutions and services. Connect with one of our identity experts to explore the benefits of IGA at your organization!

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