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6M+ users

Used by millions of clinicians every day

45 minutes

Saved per provider per day

0 clicks

No Click Access® to patient data

Enterprise Access Management (formerly OneSign)

Enterprise single sign-on and password management

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Fast, secure authentication & access

Imprivata Enterprise Access Management is a password management system, sold and implemented by Forward Advantage, eliminates the need to remember and enter application usernames and passwords time and time again, permitting faster access to patient information.

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End-to-end password management

Incorporates single sign-on, authentication management, and virtual desktop roaming - using seamless integration with leading VDI solution.

Logging in to system with single sign-on

Fewer clicks for anywhere, anytime access

Simply tap your badge, scan your finger or enter a short token to securely sign-on. Click reduction improves clinician productivity and encourages EHR adoption.

Logging into EHR in one click

Self-service password management

Imprivata self-service password management helps clinicians quickly and securely reset their passwords - without the need to call the help desk.

Quickly resetting password without the need for a help desk

Security with convenience

When optimized for your unique environment, single sign-on with centralized password management simplifies HIPAA and HITECH compliance without negatively impacting care providers or IT staff.

Add security to your system without impacting staff.

Solution features

Imprivata Enterprise Access Management streamlines clinical workflows so care providers can focus on what really matters - the patient! Save time and improve end-user convenience without compromising security.

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Sold and implemented by healthcare experts

  • Healthcare focused
    We are 100% healthcare-focused with 20+ years of experience in the identity and access management space.

  • Trusted Imprivata partner
    As a long-term partner of Imprivata, we are uniquely positioned to optimize Imprivata Enterprise Access Management for leading EHRs. Imprivata Enterprise Access Management is a well-known and trusted solution in healthcare, and Forward Advantage is proud to be an authorized reseller and implementer.

  • MEDITECH-preferred solution provider
    Along with our general healthcare expertise, Forward Advantage is the MEDITECH-preferred solution provider for authentication and password management.

Forward Advantage is an Imprivata preferred partner and integrator


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Unparalleled convenience & security

Imprivata Enterprise Access Management supports hybrid environments with fast, secure access to on-premises and cloud applications from private or shared workstations. Fewer clicks with anywhere, anytime access results in more efficient patient care, enhanced provider satisfaction, and improved adoption of EHRs and other clinical applications.

Let's work together

Trust Forward Advantage and our 25+ years of optimizing healthcare workflows to maximize your Imprivata OneSign® investment. Contact us and see what we can do for you!

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