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Enhancing Efficiency in Healthcare Communication with Automated Order Results Sent to Primary Care Providers at St. Claire Regional Medical Center

May 22, 2024


St. Claire Regional Medical Center sought to improve communication workflows, particularly in the realms of digital faxing and order delivery. Before adopting Communication Director from Forward Advantage, the organization relied on analog faxing methods, resulting in manual processes and inefficiencies. 

Solution Implementation: 

Following the implementation of Communication Director, the Health Information Management department can quickly deliver records to other facilities upon request via integration with MEDITECH Expanse. Key department reports such as Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging, and Discharge Summaries are automatically delivered to ordering providers and primary care providers. 

Value Added to the Organization: 

The implementation of Communication Director with integration for faxing from the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system has streamlined document delivery, without the need for external applications, enhancing user experience and efficiency.  

Communication Director has resulted in significant time, resource, and cost savings for St. Claire Regional Medical Center, in addition to improved patient continuity of care, a critical aspect of healthcare delivery. 

Service Experience: 

The support team at Forward Advantage is consistently excellent, according to the team at St. Claire Regional Medical Center. They demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction and understanding of the organization's patient-centric goals. Their dedication and responsiveness were instrumental in achieving seamless operations St. Claire received prompt responses and assistance in various tasks, including software updates and server migrations. 

About Forward Advantage and Communication Director 

If traditional communication methods are creating workflow inefficiencies, Communication Director is an excellent option. With digital and cloud faxing options, plus email, SFTP and print delivery options, Communication Director can help streamlined workflows and improve patient care. Staff can choose on-demand document delivery workflows as well as automation for high volume departments.  

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