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Five tips for maximizing MEDITECH Expanse

Aug 8, 2022

TIP 1:
Secure end user access to MEDITECH Expanse from outside hospital walls

A web-based EHR offers many benefits like accessing the EHR from mobile devices and outside the hospital’s four walls. Care teams can increase their accessibility to important data as well as create access flexibility for departments like HIM, back office and IT.

Along with increased access, a strong security strategy is a must and can be achieved by implementing multifactor authentication for those logging-in via remote access and cloud networks.

Imprivata's Enterprise Access Management for Remote Access streamlines authentication across all enterprise workflows.

TIP 2:
Automate routing and filing of inbound documents

Most hospitals receive clinical orders, purchase orders, business office documents and more through their inbound faxing numbers. Are you still printing out these documents?

Even if you’re not, how are you handling the management of these documents so they are sent to the right departments, processed correctly, and uploaded into MEDITECH? With the combination of Inbound Fax Management from Communication Director® and electronic document filing into MEDITECH with RapidFiler™, hospitals can eliminate printing faxes and easily electronically file documents without the need to log into MEDITECH.

TIP 3:
Improve access to care and decrease duplicate records with advanced biometrics

Identity theft, duplicate records, and compromised patient safety are top challenges faced by many hospitals when identifying patients. Identifying the correct patient is especially difficult if there are many patients with similar names, mistyped identifiers, or if the patient is unable to identify his or herself in an emergency situation.

Imprivata's Biometric Patient Identity solves these challenges using uses touchless, palm-vein scanning to efficiently and securely link to a patient’s unique medical record.

TIP 4:
Increase security by creating a user-identity lifecycle strategy tailored to your needs

Healthcare organizations are increasingly vulnerable to data breaches and insider leaks. Knowing who currently has access to systems and applications, who should have access, and how that access is used is vital to security. A failed audit or a security breach can have detrimental effects, but this can be avoided with the right combination of solutions and services to manage the complexities of user identities.

An effective Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) program centralizes the management of identities to reduce business risk while gaining operational efficiencies.

TIP 5:
Create a migration plan that gives you quick access to your legacy data

Whether you’re looking to do a full migration to MEDITECH Expanse, bring up MEDITECH Scanning and Archiving (SCA) or decommission a legacy system, Forward Advantage offers solutions to make the processes easier, streamlined and, in many cases, cost effective.

Our unique approach to Legacy Data Conversions and Migrations using our Historical Archive Viewer (HAV) extracts all of your data at the beginning of the migration process, allowing you quicker access to important data, faster data validation and potential savings.


Looking for more information or a specialist to help you during your migration into MEDITECH Expanse? Contact one of our experts!

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