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Extend single sign-on to mobile devices and improve care

Apr 20, 2020

This article covers essential points of achieving secure, clinical mobility with MEDITECH Expanse. Each article in this four-part series will offer solutions and strategies to effectively merge convenience with security in an increasingly fast-paced, mobile world. Explore part 2, part 3, and part 4 of this series too!


Migrating to web-based MEDITECH Expanse offers new benefits like easy access from mobile devices and outside the hospital walls. However, these benefits also bring the challenge of managing new devices, plus access and security concerns. This week, we’re covering tips for choosing mobile devices and how Forward Advantage can help you navigate the important decisions associated with a mobile-friendly EHR.

Q: How have you seen MEDITECH Expanse implemented so that it helps the patient?

Forward Advantage can create mobility for your providers and nurses by allowing them to chart on any device approved for them, including tablets and other smart devices. This can improve the patient experience by allowing providers freedom to interact with the patient instead of being tethered to a computer. Also, these devices may have other features or capabilities that in the past were only available in separate devices and workflows. For example, rather than having to reach for a bar code scanner, often times the devices that we integrate with have the scanner built in. Users and providers can be mobile using the device they want, and this ultimately gives them more time back during their shift and more time to spend on caring for patients.

Q: What are the prerequisites for a successful mobile device strategy?

This device-agnostic workflow that we talk about is a paradigm shift when it comes to end-user computing. Previously, when we were only working on windows-based thin-clients, CIOs had their whole end-point strategies figured out. They knew where to order devices and the update and lifecycle strategies for these Windows-based, endpoint devices. When it comes to integrating these mobile devices into your overall endpoint strategy, you have to take the same exact points into consideration. How do I manage updates for this device? How do I manage security? What device am I going to go with in the first place? What is the lifecycle for these devices?

Q: Which solutions and mobile devices do you recommend?

Forward Advantage won’t provide you with a single solution, because there is an entire new strategy that we need to accommodate for you to successfully implement mobile devices within your overall endpoint strategy. There are quite a few trusted partners involved in this configuration, and we act as your trusted advisor between everyone. We will discuss Imprivata's Mobile Device Access and Imprivata's Enterprise Access Management for Remote Access, but we also need to consider where you are sourcing your devices from. ACS MediHealth has been an excellent partner in that regard. Often when we demo, it’s with a Zebra TC51 handheld device which has that integrated barcode scanner and provides a lot of great features with MEDITECH Expanse. Ultimately, it’s not one, singular product that we are implementing. It’s an entire mobile device strategy that we’re looking to build with you and implement as your trusted advisor.

Key takeaways

Customers who migrated to MEDITECH Expanse, or are in transition, should contact us to discuss optional solutions to enhance your investment in a mobile environment. A mobile device strategy incorporates many building blocks. We can help evaluate your existing architecture, workflows, and user preferences to determine the best solutions and devices for your clinical team. Don't forget to view part 2 of this series!

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