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Alerts delivered when you need them most

Communication Director, Data Express, and Bed Stat are all built on the same, reliable platform. Because this platform is so reliable, many of our customers tell us that they monitor the system only occasionally. This can cause an unforeseen issue, because if something does go wrong, it could be several days before it's noticed.

With SmartAlert, you can be notified via SMTP email when critical issues occur based on your unique criteria.

How can SmartAlert benefit you?

  • Alerts are only delivered when conditions are warranted.

Hospital configured

  • Detects performance abnormalities often before they are noticed by end users.

  • Prevents interruptions of critical hospital workflows (clinical report delivery, EMR integration, and bed status updates).

Detection abilties

  • Monitor for failures, disqualified items, number of queued deliveries, and database size.

  • Receive alerts after hours (such as weekends and holidays) when staff may not be regularly monitoring systems.

Active monitoring


Intelligent alerting module

Let's work together

Interested in implementing SmartAlert for your platform? Talk to one of our experts today!

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