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Person on laptop using Cloud technology for deliveries

A powerful, highly flexible solution

The CloudFax Connector provides optional cloud-based fax transmissions for Communication Director. Traditional fax continues to meet most of a hospital’s faxing needs; however, conversations with customers uncovered a need for greater reliability.

The CloudFax Connector provides high reliability plus the added benefit of on-demand scalability without the need to add additional capacity. Plus, you don’t have to choose between traditional faxing or cloud. You can send reports and other important documents via any available delivery option: traditional fax, cloud fax, email, printer and file drop – making Communication Director a powerful, highly flexible solution that can be customized to accommodate the right delivery methods for you and your recipients.

Discover the option that will best handle your business needs: traditional fax, a combination of cloud and traditional, or fully cloud-based fax.

Efficient disaster recovery

Combined with a disaster recovery instance of Communication Director, the CloudFax Connector provides an efficient and streamlined disaster recovery option for faxing.

On-demand scalability

To accommodate variable faxing volumes, cloud-based faxing scales limitlessly and does not have the same fax channel capacity limitations of traditional faxing.

Reduced troubleshooting

Reduced administrative costs related to failed fax transmissions brought on by FoIP incompatibility.

Option of cloud and/or FoIP

The CloudFax Connector can be used as the only fax delivery method or in combination with FoIP. When using both cloud and FoIP, you designate which destinations will be routed through the CloudFax Connector.

Easy transition to cloud

Allows customers to keep existing faxing/report solution and add the reliability of cloud fax transmissions without changing existing workflows.

Increased reliability

Built on a platform with dual redundancy, our cloud-based fax service has a high deliverability rate and ensures faxes will be delivered in the event of a carrier or infrastructure issue.

The benefits of cloud-based faxing

The CloudFax Connector maintains your existing Communication Director System with the added power and flexibility to accommodate the right delivery methods for you and your recipients.


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