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Find-It brings optical character recognition to MEDITECH SCA

Mar 11, 2022

Kershaw Health save hours per week per user

Kershaw Health is a long-term Forward Advantage customer using both Communication Director for enterprise-wide information exchange and faxing and Data Express for HL7 integration with physician EMRs. This relationship has been such a success that Kershaw Health, again, turned to Forward Advantage to migrate its existing Business Office documents and scans to MEDITECH’s Scanning and Archiving (SCA). To maximize this investment, the health system also deployed Find-It for optical character recognition (OCR) searching within MEDITECH’s SCA. The conversion was extremely successful, and end users have been pleased with Find-It’s integration with MEDITECH and its ease-of-use. In fact, Find-It has been credited with saving end users at Kershaw Health hours per week.

Kershaw Health insights

with Julie McGinness, Finanical Systems Analyst

Q: What challenges does Find-It address?

MEDITECH did not have a process for searching within batches. A user could spend days manually looking for a specific document within a scanned batch. Find-It offers the OCR search capabilities we needed.

Q: How do your end users use the solution and what types of information do they search for?

We use Find-It with MEDITECH Business Office scanned batches. Approximately 25 users work within Find-It, and it’s very easy to use. Our users mostly search within batches based on batch dates and batch numbers. They look for payment information, insurance EOBs, and many other types of patient documentation necessary to assist with claims, refunds, etc.

Q: How was Forward Advantage’s implementation and support?

The project was well organized, and Forward Advantage’s staff were helpful and friendly. The support has been excellent. We always receive quick feedback and resolution to any issues.

Q: What level of training was required for Find-It?

Very little staff training was necessary for Find-It. The illustrated training documentation is very helpful.

Q: Can you comment on ROI potential and the overall value Find-It provides?

Find-It saves hours a week per user. They use the search features to find needed scanned documents that would take an enormous amount of time to locate in MEDITECH without OCR search capability.

Q: Do you have any advice or lessons learned that you would share with other hospitals with regards to this experience?

Our experience has been a very good one and we feel very fortunate to have a wonderful support team. 


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