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Unlocking Efficiency: A Case Study on Streamlining Password Management at a Short-Term Acute Hospital

May 21, 2024

About the Hospital:
  • Bed size: 134

  • EMR: MEDITECH Expanse

  • Location: USA


Before implementing a single sign-on and password management solution from Forward Advantage, the hospital’s help desk was inundated with calls for lost or forgotten passwords, and technicians were frequently paged in the middle of the night to unlock Active Directory (AD) accounts. This resulted in a strain on their help desk resources and after-hours support.

Solution Implementation:

The hospital implemented Imprivata Enterprise Access Management (formerly Imprivata OneSign), initially in clinical areas before extending it throughout the entire facility. This solution enabled end-users to independently unlock their AD accounts and reset passwords, significantly reducing the burden on the help desk and their support staff.

The password manager feature of Enterprise Access Management allowed end-users to input their password once per shift, and then every time after, allowing users to tap their badges to log in swiftly. Additionally, certain applications were provisioned to automatically sign in users after initially learning their password.

Value Added to the Organization:

The implementation of Enterprise Access Management brought substantial value to the hospital by saving time and resources previously consumed by help desk calls and after-hours support. Moreover, nurses and doctors could swiftly return to their tasks without the hassle of multiple logins. The hospital anticipates significant time and cost savings with the streamlined single sign-on and password management provided by Enterprise Access Management.

Implementation and Service Experience:

Forward Advantage's support during the implementation was critical to its success. Their presence on day one ensured a smooth rollout, minimizing end-user frustrations and ensuring a positive experience from the start, allowing the hospital's staff to focus on their daily tasks without interruption. Their helpfulness ensured a positive experience for end-users. One hospital employee involved with the project commented, “The resources from Forward Advantage were instrumental in a smooth rollout. They were at the elbow on day 1 assisting users with their expertise. If we did it without them, it would not have gone as smooth and possibly would have frustrated end users on day 1.”

Advice for Other Hospitals:

The hospital strongly recommends utilizing Forward Advantage for similar implementations, citing the significant time, cost, and efficiency benefits achieved through their solutions and experience making the solutions successful.

By leveraging Enterprise Access Management implemented by Forward Advantage, the hospital successfully addressed their access management challenges, enhancing workflow efficiency, and user satisfaction right from the beginning.

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