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Imprivata's Mobile Access and Control now available on Zebra devices

Sep 6, 2023

Good news for Android users! Imprivata's Mobile Access and Control, a shared mobile device access and management solution, is now available for Android devices. This includes the industry-leading Zebra mobile computing devices, which are popular among many healthcare organizations.

Mobile Access and Control is now the only solution that meets the shared-device challenges of both iOS and Android devices. By extending Mobile Access and Control to Android devices like Zebra, more healthcare organizations can effectively track and manage their mobile assets. Benefits of Mobile Access and Control with your Zebra mobile devices, include:

  • Convenient and personalized experience for end users, including fast and secure application access with deep integration with Imprivata's Enterprise Access Management

  • Quick and easy viewing of device state, status, docking location, and more

  • Improved security with enforced passcodes and easy tracking of devices

  • Alerts for devices not turned in or returned to the wrong location

  • Significant reduction in lost/replaced devices

Technology, like shared mobile devices with integrated single sign-on, plays an essential role in managing the nationwide nursing shortage by improving workflow efficiency, job satisfaction, and patient care. Mobile Access and Control helps organizations better manage and protect these valuable assets, and we’re excited that our customers using Zebra devices can now take advantage.

Clear visibility into your entire zebra fleet Visibility into your entire fleet of Zebra devices, usage and locations- all accessible from the cloud
Barrier-free personalized mobile experiences on shared devices Fast, secure and easy access to devices and apps with badge-tap authentication for Zebra devices
Increased mobile efficiency and user satisfaction Improved workflow efficiency, Zebra device adoption, and satisfaction for end users
Reduced device losses and costs Actionable data with quick access and automated notifications of device location and check-in issues

The takeaway

Zebra mobile devices are powerful tools for improving access to critical data and clinical workflows. With a nationwide nursing shortage, benefits like these are key for maintaining job satisfaction and high-level care of your patients. Mobile Access and Control helps you protect your investment in Zebra or other shared mobile devices, so your care team can accomplish more with less.

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