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Key takeaways for optimizing clinical mobility

May 12, 2020

This article covers essential points of achieving secure, clinical mobility with MEDITECH Expanse. Each article in this four-part series will offer solutions and strategies to effectively merge convenience with security in an increasingly fast-paced, mobile world. Don't forget to read part 1, part 2, and part 3 of this series!


This blog series focuses on the importance of merging convenience with security using a mobile device strategy and two-factor authentication for remote access. So far, we have covered:

In this final article, we discuss the key tips for selecting a clinical mobile device and mobile device management strategy.

Q: What key piece of advice would you offer hospitals looking to optimize clinical mobility?

I hope one takeaway that everyone gets is this not just a single piece of software or engagement that ensures you a successful mobile endpoint strategy. There are quite a few building blocks that need to be addressed, and this is where Forward Advantage comes into play.

Q: What should hospitals consider with regards to devices?

First and foremost, hospitals need to determine which devices they want to use. What features do you need in these devices? Do you have users looking for a hand-held device that has a scanner built in? Are they looking for something with a larger screen? Do the devices have the necessary integrations with MEDITECH Expanse to allow the barcode scanners and other features? The choice of a device is very important and is something Forward Advantage can assist with, as well as our partner ACS MediHealth.

Q: What questions need to be asked?

After we have a device in mind, we loop back to how do we manage updates for that device? How do we secure that device? How do we handle the lifecycle of that device? A lot of the time, customers already have that figured out for their traditional, Windows-based endpoint. However, we may need to accomodate other software on your mobile endpoint as well. Forward Advantage will assist with choosing and evaluating mobile device management software that integrates directly with Imprivata Mobile Device Access (MDA) and works successfully on the device you choose.

Key takeaway

Before Forward Advantage implements Imprivata Mobile Device Access or Enterprise Access Management for Remote Access, there’s a good amount of discussion and work to be done. Essentially, Forward Advantage lays out these different products and services to accommodate an overall mobile device strategy that works for our customers. We’ll ask the appropriate questions to help customers select the right mobile device and Mobile Device Management software for their organization.

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