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Tips for navigating the nationwide nursing shortage

Aug 2, 2023

This month, Forward Advantage had the privilege of partnering with Interlace Health on a topic everyone in healthcare is familiar with – the nationwide nursing shortage. As the next generation of FormFast, Interlace Health specializes in ways that technology and automation can reduce nursing workload, and they asked Mike Knebel, CEO at Forward Advantage, to be a guest blogger on this topic. “People over paperwork” is their motto and it’s one our company believes in too, so Mike was able to share his expertise on the topic. Mike has worked in healthcare IT for most of his career and his wife is a day surgery nurse at a children’s hospital, so he brings a unique perspective. We encourage our readers to explore this new post, Using Technology to Navigate the Nursing Shortage, for practical examples of how healthcare organizations can use technology to do more with less.

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