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Data Preservation & Migration

Migrating to a new system doesn’t need to be stressful and expensive. Let Forward Advantage handle your data preservation and migration using our proprietary process that allows quicker access to extracted data.

Tools & Services to Enhance your Migration

Our variety of tools and services alleviate concerns and workloads so that you can successfully decommission legacy systems.

Legacy Data Conversions and Migration Services

Legacy Data Conversions and Migration Services

Efficiently migrate data and documents with our unique approach that minimizes time and effort, while also minimizing cost and errors.
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Our OCR-enabled document search tool is a post-migration solution to enhance MEDITECH Business Office SCA.
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Historical Archive Viewer

Historical Archive Viewer

An efficient and affordable way to store and access legacy documents and scans. Create efficient workflows to access archived data by pairing with the SmartLaunch Button.
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SmartLaunch Button​

SmartLaunch Button​

Appears on patient screens within the EHR and alerts clinicians and other staff to important information contained within other systems, so they can access this information without leaving your EHR!
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Working With Leading Migration Specialists Has Advantages

Unique Tools and Processes

Reduce cost and complications by converting data to documents before migration. Efficiently archive, access and search for those documents post-migration.

Migration Project Management

Complete project management with us handling data analysis, conversion setup & installation, testing and post go-live cleanup so your team can focus on other tasks.

Experts No Matter What System You Migrate From

Experts in migrating from Blue Chip, Valco, and other third-party vendors with over 150 migrations completed

Looking to Migrate Your MEDITECH system?

Forward Advantage is a MEDITECH- Preferred Partner

Meditech Experts

Whether you’re migrating to or from MEDITECH, our team of experts is ready to assist. We can help with your upgrade to MEDITECH 6.0, 6.15 or Expanse, a full EHR migration, plus physician EMR or legacy system migrations.

Partnering for Success

We work closely with MEDITECH by effectively monitoring and adapting to their implementation go-live schedule. Plus, as MEDITECH experts, we know how to migrate information into any version of MEDITECH as well as prepare and convert information for migration out of MEDITECH.

Extension of Your Staff

We’ll break down the overall project into manageable tasks and work as an extension of your staff to ensure your success.


Let's Work Together

Contact us for expert advice on how to manage efficient and cost-effective conversions and migrations.