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Digital Identity Intelligence (formerly FairWarning)

Automate risk analytics and intelligence for patient privacy, drug diversion, and Cloud Solutions

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Protect your data with machine learning & artificial intelligence

Healthcare is a heavily regulated industry, and security and compliance gaps can be costly with far-reaching implications. Data breaches, drug diversion, and HIPAA violations can damage your healthcare organization’s reputation and impose steep regulatory fines and legal settlements.

Automate risk analytics and intelligence for cloud apps, patient privacy, and drug diversion with Imprivata Digital Identity Intelligence from Forward Advantage. Organizations can leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to quickly identify bad behavior like snooping, inappropriate record modification, or inappropriate drug access or diversion/misuse. It’s a simple and smart solution for:

  • Protecting patient data: Safeguard PHI from snooping or inappropriate record modification to build patient trust.

  • Drug diversion: Keep patients safe by spotting anomalous behavior and instances of improper access and administration.

  • Intelligent cloud application monitoring: Understand user activity in applications like Salesforce and Microsoft 365 to uncover insider threats and improve security.

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The ideal solution for patient privacy

Your patients deserve the very best, and that includes the assurance that their private information remains exactly that - private. Harness the power of Imprivata Digital Identity Intelligence for a comprehensive solution that includes artificial intelligence, behavioral analytics, and human expertise. This industry-leading platform, sold and implemented by Forward Advantage, audits all access and monitors for suspicious behavior to help you tackle compliance, security, violations, and all other privacy challenges.

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Drug diversion intelligence

Drug diversions cost the healthcare industry around $70 billion each year, and it's not just a costly issue but a time-consuming one. Traditional (manual) methods for tracking medications eat up resources and valuable time that could have otherwise been spent on patient care. Take a proactive stance against the opioid crisis with technology that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning for greater visibility.

Organizations electronically monitor 100% of daily transactions to detect anomalous behavior, such as unusual access to controlled substances, access after termination, and inventory inconsistencies. This granular monitoring also exposes diverting clinicians and allows them to get the help they need. With Digital Identity Intelligence, your organization can:

  • Quickly detect and respond to drug diversion to minimize the lasting impacts on patients, care providers, and diverters.

  • Monitor all activity electronically to spot the red flags of medication diversion and other anomalous behavior using sophisticated algorithms (and human evaluation) to identify when activities indicate a high risk of diversion.

  • Access industry experts who become an extension of your team, providing daily proactive monitoring of specific use cases to detect drug diversion.

  • Reduce risks associated with insider threats, heavy fines, and reputational damage.

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Cloud Solutions intelligence

Imprivata Digital Identity Intelligence for Cloud Solutions is a turnkey solution that translates application log data to help you understand activity occurring in your organization. The solution provides in-depth visibility into your Salesforce environment and office productivity applications like Microsoft 365 and others. Benefits include:

  • Identify insider threats

  • Enhance data security

  • Simplify compliance

  • Monitor application performance, usage, and adoption

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