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Auditable and cost-effective faxing from MFPs

Quickly and easily fax from almost any multifunction printer (MFP) with the MFP Email-to-Fax module for Communication Director 4.2. All you need is a MFP that supports email-to-fax or ifax/internet faxing.

How Email-to-Fax from Multifunctional Printer works with Communication Director

Email-to-Fax from Multifunctional Printers

Communication Director 4.2 module

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Key benefits of Email-to-Fax from MFPs

Increase efficiency by printing, copying, scanning, and faxing from one device

No need for MFP fax hardware, costly per-MFP licensing, or telephone system/line integration to the MFP

Print fax status notifications on the MFP

Consolidate faxing workflows for cost savings and more streamlined auditing

Allows you to easily leverage native MFP email capability

Only available with Communication Director 4.2

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