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Mobile Device Access

Mobile authentication and SSO for shared Android devices and apps

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Fast, secure access with one tap

With Imprivata Mobile Device Access (MDA), users experience streamlined access to secured devices with the simple tap of a proximity badge. Once assigned, devices are imaged specifically for each user via tight integration with an organization's existing mobile device management solution. Additionally, users no longer have to manually authenticate into individual applications, saving time and reducing frustration.

Key benefits of Imprivata MDA

Encourages the adoption of shared mobile devices by eliminating the tedious entry of usernames and passwords on each device

Leverages the same core infrastructure, appliances, and administrative console as Imprivata Enterprise Access Management

Improves clinician productivity, creating more time for patient care

Integrates with leading mobile Android devices including Honeywell, Zebra, and others

Shared, mobile devices are easily unlocked and locked with a badge tap

Provides greater security of patient health information

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Have both iOS and Android Devices? Discover Imprivata Mobile Access & Control.

For both iOS and Android devices, Imprivata Mobile Access and Control is a mobile device provisioning solution with automated device management workflows, secure device check-in/check-in, and application access via SSO provided by deep integration with Imprivata Enterprise Access Management.

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ACS MediHealth & Forward Advantage

​ACS MediHealth and Forward Advantage have partnered to deliver a fully integrated mobile device solution. ACS MediHealth is a healthcare technology provider offering devices like Zebra and Apple, which work with Imprivata mobile solutions. Together ACS MediHeath and Forward Advantage enhance clinical satisfaction and adoption of your mobile strategy with secure and efficient workflows. Contact us to learn more or request a free device evaluation today.  

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Why choose Forward Advantage?

Forward Advantage is an Imprivata preferred partner and integrator.

We are:

  • Health-care focused with 25+ years of experience in the identity and authentication management space.

  • A long-term partner of Imprivata that is uniquely positioned to optimize Imprivata Mobile Device Access and Imprivata Enterprise Access Management, which is a well-known and trusted solution in healthcare. We are proud to be an authorized reseller and implementer.

  • A MEDITECH-preferred solution providers for authentication and password management.


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Let's work together

With our 25+ years of optimizing healthcare workflows, we can maximize your Imprivata Mobile Device Access investment. Speak to one of our experts today!

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