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Unlock the Full Potential of Shared Mobile Devices

Sold and implemented by Forward Advantage, Imprivata Mobile provides two solutions for the management of shared mobile devices.
Android Devices

Imprivata Mobile Device Access

Imprivata Mobile Device Access™ is a mobile IAM solution that enables fast, secure access to clinical Android mobile devices with the simple tap of a proximity badge plus the added benefit of SSO to applications.
iOS Devices

Imprivata GroundControl

Imprivata GroundControl is a mobile device provisioning solution for Apple/iOS devices that delivers automated provisioning, secure device checkout and fast, secure Enterprise Password AutoFill for improving security and auditability.
Mobile IAM for Android Devices

Imprivata Mobile Device Access

With Imprivata Mobile Device Access, users experience streamlined access to secured devices with the simple tap of a proximity badge. Once assigned, devices are imaged specifically for each user via tight integration with an organization’s existing mobile device management solution. Additionally, users no longer have to manually authenticate into individual applications, saving time and reducing frustration.

Forward Advantage's support team is fantastic, and this has always been the case for us. Every time we call, we are immediately connected with a support specialist, and they are always extremely knowledgeable.

Mobile Device Provisioning for iOS Devices

Imprivata GroundControl

This comprehensive, end-to-end mobile device management lifecycle solution helps unlock the full potential of shared mobile devices with automated provisioning, remote management and updating for improved security and auditability.

Sold and Implemented by Healthcare Experts

Forward Advantage is an Imprivata preferred partner and integrator

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We are 100% healthcare-focused with 20+ years of experience in the identity and authentication management space.

Trusted Imprivata Partner

As a long-term partner of Imprivata, we are uniquely positioned to optimize Imprivata Mobile with Imprivata OneSign. Imprivata OneSign is a well-known and trusted solution in healthcare, and Forward Advantage is proud to be an authorized reseller and implementer.

MEDITECH-preferred Solution Provider

Along with our general healthcare expertise, Forward Advantage is the MEDITECH-preferred solution provider for authentication and password management. Learn More


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