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Imprivata Privileged Access Management

Security Solution for Privileged Accounts, Assets, and Tasks

Improve Security by Protecting Privileged Account Access

Did you know that studies have shown 70% of data breaches involve compromised or abused privileged credentials? A Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution protects your organization from unauthorized access to privileged systems, applications, and accounts. A simple solution that’s easy to deploy and manage, Imprivata Privileged Access Management incorporates the principle of least privilege to minimize risks of data breaches from compromised privileged credentials, meets regulatory compliance requirements, and includes out-of-the-box integration with Imprivata Confirm ID for multifactor authentication.
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Key Benefits

A solution to secure and automate privileged password discovery, management, and rotation, Imprivata Privileged Access Management automatically randomizes, manages, and vaults passwords and other credentials. Limit your attack surface and minimize the risk of stolen or compromised privileged credentials with a comprehensive PAM solution that can help mitigate common risk scenarios like excel lists of passwords, admin passwords written on whiteboards, remote admin access and unchanged factory default passwords.

Imprivata Privileged Access Management meets compliance requirements for regulations such as: HIPAA, HITRUST, SOX, PCI, GDPR, NIST and others. This easy-to-manage solution provides centralized visibility by isolating, monitoring, recording, and auditing privileged access sessions, commands, and actions including keystroke logs. An admin can quickly log into their PAM account to access all of their privileged accounts, keeping audit logs and securing everything along the way.

Imprivata Privileged Access Management uses a modern architecture that is 100% agentless with zero client and server footprint. Organizations can quickly download the software and start deployment in a matter of minutes! By avoiding complex, legacy solutions that are time and resource consuming, organizations can quickly realize the benefits of a PAM solution for faster ROI and decreased total cost of ownership. ​

Integration with the Imprivata platform makes this PAM solution a logical choice for those who want complete access control from a single, trusted vendor. Out-of-the-box integration with Imprivata Confirm ID means you don’t have to purchase, deploy, or manage a separate solution and vendor for multifactor authentication. Enjoy reduced cost, lower total cost of ownership and consolidated vendor management!

Individual Tools for an Enterprise-Wide Solution

Imprivata Privileged Access Management limits an organization’s attack surface using granular policy control at the system level, so users have just enough access to complete a task which is then recorded and audited. Built-in tools include the Imprivata Enterprise Password Vault to securely store credentials, the Job Engine which cycles passwords and detects privileged accounts, and the Session Manager for facilitating access to and from systems and records.

Imprivata PAM has 3 Platforms: Password Vault, Job Engine, and Session Manager


Secure your privileged passwords and credentials

Enterprise Password Vault is included with Imprivata Privileged Access Management and can also be purchased separately.

Illustration of Monitor and Record
Illustration of Job Engine


Detect privileged accounts and cycle passwords


Monitoring and recording secure privileged sessions

Illustration of Session Manager

Combine Ease-of-Use and Increased Security

Imprivata Privileged Access Management provides the best of both worlds to healthcare organizations. It’s a comprehensive and complete PAM solution for the entire enterprise, yet it’s remarkably easy to deploy and even easier to use with a full feature set.

Locate and secure privileged accounts​
Continuous detection for reduced risk.

Access for remote contractors
Secure your remote work environment.

Cycle privileged account passwords
Automate & enforce periodic password resets.

Monitor and record privileged sessions
Meet audit requirements or investigate incidents.

Enforce strong passwords
Ensure criteria for characters, length & complexity.

Satisfy compliance and audit reporting
Comprehensive record keeping & recording.

Multifactor Authentication
Built-in integration with Imprivata Confirm ID.

Assign privileged commands
Grant just enough access to perform job tasks.


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