Advanced, Palm-Vein & Iris Biometrics

Positive Patient Identification

Imprivata PatientSecure® patient identification system, sold and implemented by Forward Advantage, uses advanced biometrics for secure and efficient identification at registration and all points of care. This includes palm-vein and iris scanning. The former uses a patient’s unique palm-vein pattern, while the latter offers a touchless patient identification solution and enables single-step photo capture at the time of biometric enrollment. Regardless of the method, either choice provides a painless, efficient, and accurate identification process for patients.
Patients Correctly Identified Each Day
More Unique than a Fingerprint
Patients Registered Using Palm Vein Technology

Biometric patient identification

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Explore the Benefits of Biometrics: Reduced Medical Errors and Increased Efficiency Lead to Improved Patient Safety
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Improving Patient Safety and Registration Accuracy through Biometric Patient Identification
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Forward Advantage has partnered with Imprivata®, the leading single sign-on and advanced authentication platform, to help state and local governments successfully deploy Imprivata OneSign.

  • Supports ALL CJIS-approved authentication methods, including: biometrics, proximity cards, smart cards, and OTP tokens
  • Meets FIPS 140-2 data protection requirements and provides reporting on workstation and application access for audits
  • Secures access to NetMotion® using CJIS-approved authentication methods
  • Saves time and minimizes officer disruption by requiring two-factor authentication only
  • 24/7 Self-service password reset automates password management and reduces burden on IT

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