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Touchless Patient Identification

Secure & Efficient Identification with Advanced Biometrics

Imprivata PatientSecure® touchless patient identification system, sold and implemented by Forward Advantage, uses advanced biometrics for secure and efficient identification at registration and other points of care. Using a patient’s unique palm vein pattern, it creates a critical one-to-one match between individual patients and their unique medical records to protect against fraud, and improve patient privacy, safety and satisfaction. A seamless workflow integration with leading EHRs reduces patient identification errors, ensuring the right care is provided to the right patient.

Biometric enrollment creates a 1:1 link to MRNs from multiple clinical systems

Securely and accurately identifies patients at any point of care directly from the registration screen
Retrieves the correct record from appropriate clinical systems

Eliminate Identity Theft, Insurance Fraud, & Duplicate Records

Better Care

Provide quick access to care and decrease duplicate records


Drive revenue cycle efficiency


Eliminate identity theft and reduce insurance fraud


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