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MEDITECH Live 2023: Thoughts from our vendor partners

Oct 2, 2023

Written by Audrey Brislin, VP of Product & Marketing at Forward Advantage.


As we return from a productive week at the recent MEDITECH LIVE event, my colleagues and I reflected on the elevated energy this year. There was a broader representation of leadership from MEDITECH hospitals across disciplines that added to the conversations, and participants in the sessions were engaged and interested in taking content back to their facilities to implement new ideas. MEDITECH is making strong headway in cutting edge technologies like AI, and the vendor area was extremely busy with attendees wanting to learn about new solutions and services to help MEDITECH hospitals succeed with their ongoing initiatives. Kudos to MEDITECH for putting on a continuously evolving and valuable event for both facilities and vendors.

We had many collaborative conversations with our fellow vendor-partners last week, so we thought it would be helpful to share some of their takeaways from the event and thoughts on what’s happening in the MEDITECH space.

Haffty Consulting

“ Haffty Consulting was appreciative to be part of last week’s MEDITECH LIVE event. Of course, MEDITECH was a gracious host as always, offering customers, partners, industry leaders, and “friends of MEDITECH” a great opportunity to connect, network, educate, and learn from one another.  A few key takeaways from our perspective include: MEDITECH showed how it is continuing to provide health systems with the most up-to-date EHR features and functionality while remaining the best value EHR for health systems of all sizes. MEDITECH’s collaboration with Google Health will deliver incredible new tools to improve provider experience, reduce documentation burden, and harness the power of AI in a responsible, safe manner. We were impressed with the breadth of new features and functionality being rolled out in Expanse over both the short and longer term. The new functionality in Population Health, Oncology, and Pathology will deliver tangible improvements for clinical teams. The upcoming features in Revenue Cycle around improving patient experience will help increase collections and improve patient experience. New features across both the Acute and Ambulatory care settings, including ambient listening, referral management, problem list organization, and provider efficiency look like they will provide meaningful improvement for physicians and care teams. The networking at these events is invaluable. It is energizing to talk with peers, clients and our friends at MEDITECH face- to- face.  We also come away feeling we have reconnected and strengthened relationships, and with some inspiration.  Spending time with our retired mentor, John Haffty, was extra special too. ” – David LaFontaine, Partner

You can also read John Haffty’s thoughts on the event here.


“ There was a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm at the conference this year.  It’s evident that customers are passionate about working collaboratively with each other, MEDITECH, and partners to drive innovation and learn from one another. MEDITECH did a great job organizing the event with an emphasis on creating opportunities for customer networking and developed an agenda that focused on topics and trends important to healthcare today. Not surprisingly, customers were most interested in hearing about MEDITECH’s plans around AI. ” – Erik Littlejohn, CEO of CloudWave

ACS MediHealth

“ I thoroughly enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. There were a couple of things that really stood out to me. The first was the sheer relief on the faces of those I spoke with to see what the Expanse platform can provide for them in terms of becoming mobile in their workflows and, in turn, providing true patient interaction and safety. Secondly, those that are familiar with the Expanse platform were excited to see MEDITECH pushing forward with the assistance of Google Health to advance into the AI world with advantages for providers and their patients. Great experience, great information and great interactions! ” – Lisa Hahn, Solutions Consultant at ACS MediHealth


“ MEDITECH LIVE had great energy this year. The speakers were some of the best on record and set the tone for an engaging, positive, and forward-thinking conference. Innovation was forefront and it was exciting to hear about MEDITECH’s plans to partner with technology solutions to address industry challenges with worker shortages and clinician burnout. From clients to vendor partners to MEDITECH staff, you could feel a palpable optimism for the future. ” Ken Jasper, Director of Business Development at MedSR


“ MEDITECH LIVE this year was a blend of the familiar and the brand new. It was heartwarming to witness friends and colleagues reconnecting in person, and what struck me most was the authenticity of it all. The simple “How are you?” and “How are things going?” conversations reminded us of the power of human connection. Being together in-person mattered. We particularly enjoyed hearing from our customers and other vendors how they use our products and services. This was the year when A.I. stopped being just hallway chatter and the next big thing. It’s now a roaring train that’s left the station. How do we harness it? Where are the guardrails? Can it be leveraged to help replace human capital that isn’t available? It is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. ” Joel Benware, President and Greg D’Abate, VP Sales and Marketing

Interlace Health

“ Three things stand out in my mind as I look back at the recent MEDITECH LIVE event: First, customers crave ideas and solutions to address the burden and burnout of staff as evidenced by the attendance of our panel discussion focused on this topic. Secondly, health systems want to ensure that their vendor partners work well together with MEDITECH and also other members of the ecosystem. Finally, I believe attendees really appreciated the opportunity to network with each other and with their vendor partners. ” – Art Nichols, Chief Commercial Officer

Missed us at the LIVE event? Let’s connect to discuss your 2024 initiatives!

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